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What to learn to Wang Yongqing: Learn business of sincere letter battalion 2 lea
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Eve, before Taiwan first Wang Yongqing of author of group of industry of model of rich, stage, the life of its legend takes in the United States. Arrive from the boss of inn of a millet Taiwan head is rich, wang Yongqing made a huge commercial empire singularly, become the person of sex of a mark that Taiwan economy flies.

If choose figure of business circles legend, hong Kong head pushs Li Jiacheng, taiwan head pushs Wang Yongqing.

Review legend life of Wang Yongqing, if we a gaze at his " rich " , that is apprentice nevertheless have envy and do not have place to obtain; If we can see the something beyond money, so quite can derive fortune of a few life.

Wang Yongqing has 3 kinds of quality, the person that be worth to include to be business very much inside everybody study.

Learn its business of sincere letter battalion. When Wang Yongqing opens rice store, inn small profit is small, competition is intense. He does not disrelish a trouble, rice medium branny stone is sundry choose completely, his come to serve very excellent, in the rice crock that puts rice into the client directly. The business with a meager gain, can not hesitate unexpectedly cost and trouble, have so considerate service, dedication gives a client the product of high quality, be not an ordinary person to be able to be. Be spirit of business of this kind of battalion, just make its business expands, and from beginning to end remain invincible.

Observe some traders instead, the eye is staring at short-term profit merely, make take a client in order to adulterate false, cheap for amusement. Such businessman can reap temporarily profit, but fear becoming big trader hard forever.

2 learn its to see weak money. Wang Yongqing is rich, but very austere. , somebody sees his make tea when coffee, use the coffee that water scald thin slices of meat in boiling water remains actually, lest waste that bit of hangover. He has a famous remark: Save a yuan of money to earn a yuan of money more namely. But, he does not grudge absolutely. After earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, he contributed 100 million. Before this, his Ceng Juan is gigantic endowment school of inside hope of a lunar month of 30 days, and with its without a school the name names.

Nowadays, fortune to a person really very important, but without giving thought to when, the person cannot be fortune place tired. Value money already, see weak money again; When this are lay lay, when this are stand aloof stand aloof; The person controls money, is not fortune rules a person, this ability is proper fortune view. If accomplish this state, get money more easily perhaps.

3 learn its to father godchild daughter. Wang Yongqing is very severe to filial certainly, its children takes class hour in the foreign country, given living cost is as it happens is used quite. His money is very much, do not give children at will so prodigal, it is a hope they henceforth can earn one's own living. His children is very free-standing as a result, some achievement are assuming its father. Its queen snow is red, do not rely on father be shadedby foilage, oneself are achieved give a career one time, its fortune ranks Taiwan the 5th, business circles of Taiwan of as a result has " parturient should be like Wang Xuegong " view.
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