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Zhejiang land reform is crossed " deep water area " sadly try out curtilage base
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Zhejiang provincial Party committee is already clear, reform of local rural area wants have sth in mind to increase exploration and innovation strength in a few main fields and crucial link. IC graph

Send the ground first as civilian battalion economy, zhejiang country labour force is major already to 2, 3 industries move, the daily house dwelling place of farmer produces very big changes, together with government " allow a test " open stance, the exploration that is rural land reform created good condition.

In practice, right of administration of Zhejiang country land is on the move mode already showed diversity, commercialize a feature. In new reform start, zhejiang regards breach as system of innovation country land, aim to improve land natural resources to be in money creation and the leverage in allocating, increase the belongings sex income of the farmer.

Be in among them more sensitive curtilage base domain, should save much ground to room of try out farming mortgages and mortgage loan sadly, begin exploration curtilage the new pattern such as housing of base displacement town.

Although afore-mentioned act will be straight face law " forbidden zone " , but Zhejiang be determined is in curtilage base domain is broken through somewhat.

This year on April 15, lv Zushan of Zhejiang province governor is in finance already disclosed on working conference 2008, this province will assure in rural guaranty multinomial attempt has on the problem, include to begin farming room guaranty to borrow money in a rural area of department of urban and rural union among them rural area of pilot, exploration is collective blame farming construction uses the ground to be on the move with guaranty method.

Farming ground is on the move the area exceeds 1/4

Develop in industry and commerce, farmland of average per capita only 0.5 mus Zhejiang, land is on the move to already became the force of set the prairie ablaze. Save agricultural hall statistic according to this, up to this year first half of the year, complete province land is on the move gross area many mus 510, occupy gross 1/4 above, this scale is in lead position in the whole nation.

Current, zhejiang land is on the move means has rental, exchange, entrust tripartite to manage, hire bag, land to become a shareholder instead, land is fiducial and seasonal be on the move etc a variety of.

In numerous be on the move in mode, what suffer praise highly fully is the land share cooperation that appears recently. Its run way is by what become a shareholder with land farmer forms cooperation, connect by cooperation piece wait to professional large family, industrial and commercial enterprise let hair bag, farmer protects bottom share out bonus by equity, pour out of ground farmer main interest has safeguard, operator is unapt also had borne great pressure. If carry on promotes prefectural king altar to press down the land share cooperation of south bank village, execute by farmer equity protect bottom allocation, the share out bonus that keep a copy is every annual 500 yuan, 1 mu is 1, share out bonus again according to benefit end of the year, go out the enterprise that Wu is versed in inconvenient labour force still can be at the door the home makes a money.
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