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The 10 old law that cereal song employee administers
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Capturing knowledge employee will be the key that did not come to 1/4 century enterprise to succeed. Google is below the practice in this respect.

In Google, do we think the great master those that commercial government learns is gotten? De Luke to how managing " knowledge employee " understanding is most deep. After all, this word is You Delu gram was invented 1959. De Luke says knowledge employee believes he takes salary is to give efficiency, is not to finish day 9 evening the inflexible job of 5, and clever enterprise is met " exclude any effects ' knowledge employee ' working obstacle " . These successful experience will attract best employee, and assure " future competes 25 years of the advantage exclusive and the biggest factor. And assure " future competes 25 years of the advantage exclusive and the biggest factor..

In Google, we seek this kind of advantage. Current about large company whether the controversy to knowledge employee mismanage is one of issues that we handle cautiously, because cannot handle the enterprise of this problem correctly to will be given,this is bureau. We discuss from other place and interior reach get a lot of good idea. The following 7 are us the crucial principle that is versed in in the biggest member that change knowledge efficiency field place is used. Like most technology company, a lot of our employee are engineer level, accordingly we will be given priority to with this special group, but among them a lot of principles to all knowledge employee all applicable.

Constituent council, strict invite applications for a job

Substantial every person that joins Google interview has chatted with 6 interview official at least, latter all is company management level or potential colleague composition. The viewpoint of everybody count, make program of invite applications for a job more fair thereby, the level is higher. Of course, the time chairman of expenditure a few, but we think to be worth. If hope to enrol first-class staff, so the order of invite applications for a job with firm course, you can get more outstanding stuff. At the beginning of the company founds, we begin compose to build this kind of active feedback circulation, up-to-date had won tremendous get one's own back from which.

Satisfy all need of employee

The ox reports [Ox.icxo.com] : What Deluke says no less than, managing an end is " remove any obstacles that affect them to work. " the additional benefit that we provided standard of one a complete set of for them, but it is the top-ranking meal establishment, gymnasium, washhouse, massage room, tonsorial hall, room that wash a car, dry-clean room above all, receive send regular bus to wait, almost everything what what an any engineers of assiduous job need. We can analyse so: Program division develops a program gladly, they do not like to wash the dress. So we let these two things become rise simply at the same time.

Pull close employee distance

Of Google almost every project is group project, must undertake communicating cooperative between every group. The member that the best kind that allows communication to become simple lets every small composition namely is in nearly very close. Because this is substantial,all employee of Google share an office. Such, when need of some program division and a work in the same placing talk things over, can find opposite party immediately: Label, protracted without email without telephone number, need not await answer. Of course, google still has a lot of assembly room to undertake bat around for people, won't disturb respective office assistant thereby. Even if company CEO, after coming to Google a few months just gets an office. Reside with the employee near neighbour with a substantial knowledge, actually is one kind groom efficiently experience.
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