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10 summon sb to surrender are taken 80 hind
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With traditional labor power resource management pattern goes standard, tie and transform them, be difficult!

CEO of a lot of enterprises often complains: "Do really do not know the 80 employee after how to return a responsibility, we are already enough to them of self-surrender! Also not be very to them, bad also not be! They ask one a large bamboo or wicker basket, but do start armed struggle come slack however. Want us how to be done after all, they is ability satisfactory? " and 80 hind employee complains: "Why be led even if do not understand me, distrust I, than who is my ability poor? Call me to do this to do that every day, work dissatisfactory still, don't this make me when vivid ass simply? Don't this make me when vivid ass simply??

"Should have managed 80 hind employee, the pattern of manpower endowment source control that wants to use a convention goes standard, tie and transform them, I feel very difficult really. " Wang Zhihao of vice president of sea letter group is being accepted when interviewing, say, "Accordingly, we should respect them, what do after coming off work, they do, do not have necessary interference; 2 should build enterprise handler system and professional ethic, and do not use absolutely unplug fast concept goes restraining them. And do not use absolutely unplug fast concept goes restraining them..

CEO transforms 3 times urgently

10 thousand divisions have a high level to ever plainted: "Encounter 80 hind, my administrative experience of ten years wants to clear! " the person that have some of business management begins to suffer from on 80 hind manage scared disease. Accordingly, to suit 80 hind the individuation of employee admits need, enterprise CEO and administrative layer must concept of management of transition of take advantage of an opportunity and cognitive direction, can become administrative obstacle otherwise.

Lead glamour in the van. 80 hind employee allergy likes the responsibility of rebuke, shirk, governor that employs tactics, they need esteem, consideration and sincerity. Zhang Ruimin of CEO of sea Er group says: "Right 80 hind the administrative way that employee wants to take incentive, lead morely, is not the administrative pattern of traditional rigid, controller also should become a leader that has appeal power hard. " accordingly, controller needs to change image of traditional administrative idea and leader, the human nature of leader means changes aggrandizement with science, make oneself into glamour hard model controller.

Desalt grade idea. 80 hind employee has very strong proper pride, and touch bring about become rigid of each other relation possibly to leave his post even. Accordingly, controller should establish an equal state of mind, change the authoritative leader way that stand high above the masses, can use discuss means to solve problem and assign the task. If associate,the group is carried out " appellation is not had always " , stipulate the name is two words after 3 words cry, the name breathes out continuously for two words its name, fine 50 ~ otherwise 100 yuan. Associate carry out this kind of culture kissing affection, want to break the grade of fluctuation class to taste namely, build each other esteem, equal, comfortable, include, democratic company culture atmosphere. This depends on industry employer can make a change truly on idea and behavior.
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