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Web2.0, what to learn to Aobama?
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On the world economy forum year ago, gai Ciceng of the · that compare Er is fatidical the Internet inside 5 years will " overturn " the position of TV. And the gram in Google company CEO dust is fatidical before two years: "Can develop Internet the candidate of total latent capacity, will be in show itself in presidential general election the next time. Will be in show itself in presidential general election the next time..

If thinking of two IT great master by come true. Lake Housaiyin Aobama kills little known black shellfish in inclined thorn piece, behead of one road pass a test will, president of successful promotion United States enters into an election contest " finals " .
Politics surveys the home people think consistently, abstruse Ba Ma is able to beat Hillary, "Network sale " stand finished one's contributions in work, he also is called accordingly " the sale Great Master of Web2.0 times " . Is Aobama how will originally of unknown to public " individual brand " make it " world famous brand " ?
Taking this doubt to watch China instead, center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) release " statistic of state of affairs of development of internet network of the 22nd China reports " show: Up to by June 2008, amount of our country netizen was achieved 253 million, exceed the United States substantially first, netizen dimensions jumps house world the first. How to bring the nerve of the netizen with most whole world into play, make the first task that faces when sale of all company network. What kind of inspiration does Aobamahui give us? How to make a brand in Web2.0 times enterprise, how to extend oneself product through network sale?
With " water ballet " accost audience
"I wait not as good as 2008 general election, baby, you are best candidate! You took border land safety precaution, break the dividing line between us. Medical treatment of the whole people is safe, hum, this makes I feel warm... "
This is video website Youtube on " Aobama makes me mesmerize " a paragraph of libretto. In video, scratch one's head of division of dust the court of a feudal ruler manages the singer that wears bikini appearance, in Aobama sexy hot hot model is placed greatly by the photograph, conceal the earth's surface to amounting to his none the affection of the adore to Aobama. According to statistic, this paragraph of video already was clicked to exceed 9 million times in Youtube, and be reprinted by countless websites and traditional media.
One nots allow to argue factual is, internet became general election of this second United States to affect the important step of popular wishes, the nonexistent still transmission channel those several years ago is like video of community of rich guest, Myspace, Youtube, show tremendous influence, the TV controversy that takes great pride even Kennedy, Nixon is inferior by comparison.
This not by remember go up in the Beijing Olympic Games that just ends, volleyball of water ballet, beach attracted many Chinese to watch. In suffer China of baptismal of thousands of years of feudal thought, these two motion make ordinary common people big open horizon to see its real features eventually. Why welcome? Because its are elegant absolutely the movement of logical sequence can make a person dazzling, arise even " meaning random affection is confused " illusion.
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