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Case of employee check on work attendance- - if water management is like,ponder
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A enterprise is an estate company, close recently HR is the care of can of circumstance of check on work attendance of employee. Why? The situation of check on work attendance of company whole is not ideal from beginning to end, especially the ministry of carry out building of the company, circumstance of check on work attendance very not ideal, and have the power that grow in intensity! Look, strengthening employee check on work attendance to manage is imperative. Reason HR is right former company " employee check on work attendance runs a system " increase executive strength. 3 months come down, the circumstance of check on work attendance of employee has truly very big change. Among them, administrator basically had been put an end to be late phenomenon. But make work,the circumstance of building ministry is not however very all be like person meaning. Arrive especially pluvial snow day, be late phenomenal remain as before. Look, increasing castigatory strength is washed-up! Then, in former " employee check on work attendance runs a system " on the foundation, besides increasing economically punishment, inspected complex to still impose the punishment on administration. Feel OK to receive the effect of strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions formerly, what can not think of is ministry of carry out building response is cool. You punish you, I am late my. This HR but model difficult! After many thinking, after seeking testimony with all possible means, made following decisions. "Of ministry of carry out building accept the order to discharge date, and the will follow hillock orderly order that discharges date " . Once new regulation is fulfilled, receive surprise effect suddenly, not only daily check on work attendance had safeguard, and the more the time of check on work attendance of abominable employee jumps over weather instead punctual.

Pass through this case, can't help causing me when to think in day-to-day management...

1, " canal " , " manage " work along both lines sees bear fruit.

Tubal reason " canal " and " manage " two parts composition. Among them " canal " the by nature is a kind of tie, control, control; And " manage " the by nature should be dredge, straighten, guide. In management, "Canal " core is " thing " , alleged, be in charge of its place to violate; "Manage " core is " person " , alleged, arrange its heart and manage its go.

In running a course daily, we are to pass " canal " come the tie, control, action that dominates employee, in order to ensure between employee and organization with to with synchronism. So, before this, whether should be we passed first " manage " come dredge, straighten, the heart that leads employee, make we " canal " , reasonable, justifiable, reasonable, make employee is accepted, self-identity, support.

This case HR early days two earnest discipline, increase castigatory strength repeatedly, those who emphasize is management is medium " canal " , and later period relapses survey revises regulation, those who emphasize particularly on is management in " manage " . And settle action of key of problem of check on work attendance of ministry of carry out building finally, be not " canal " how! Punish namely have multiple. Just is " manage " in clear employee heart most what is those who care! Interpose this, restrain and guide and use, in order to receive the effect of success will come when conditions are ripe.
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