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The boss is effective accredit 11 stunt
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The boss is effective accredit is advantageous to boss, employee and enterprise tripartite. To the boss, accredit can make them empty give what more working hours does politic sex to think. To employee, accredit can let them learn new skill and special skill, make director and employee organic can expand capacity, in career career more superstratum building. OK also to the company promotional the efficiency of its whole.

How to accomplish effectively accredit, here offers 11 gist:

Gist one: Do not ask only " understood "

Can controller ask employee chronically " understood? " , " I tell did you understand? " . Below this kind of circumstance, a lot of is opposite detail is returned not quite ground of metropolis reflex sex answers the stuff that know " know " , " clear " , they do not want to be in charge of to look on the spot flat.

Gist 2: Make clear performance index and deadline

Employee must understand him to must achieve what particular goal below accredit, and in when inside finish, was clear that these ability have fundamental action way. Accredit is not lose the job to employee only, let him understand what controller expects even.

Gist 3: Also want after accredit timely hear ask

Have to hear after accredit pay no attention to, waiting for him to boost positive result come up. You need not stare at a person closely surely, but the condition that still should notice employee, timely give " here pretty good " , " may have compared in that way " the opinion of and so on raises a point. If the task needs particularly " punctual " , also can remind him to note plan and time.

Gist 4: For next time accredit is done " self-criticism "

Every time after accredit, controller should look for employee to discuss him this expression, so that self-criticism is improved. Controller also can let employee described his what to acquire in this process, cooperate the state that him controller observes again, as next time the reference of accredit.

Gist 5: Authorization is not proper if important matter

Although be only again the minor matter that common does not live, can be " accredit " , what must may not be liberal record, big plan, just call accredit. Especially to taking employee newly, since bagatelle accredit, can train the manner that they bear the blame, also build their self-confidence.

Gist 6: Xian Lieqing is odd again accredit

Simple for, the director can list first everyday the job that oneself want to do, again basis " cannot replace a gender " and " importance " cancel " him blame is done cannot " thing, those who remain is " but accredit matter detailed list " . This meeting has more system, systimatic.

Gist 7: The limit of accredit should figure out

Some employee will be act on one's own, make a few issues that exceed accredit. Because this is best can special when accredit explain " the bottom is restricted " , once fast lay a finger on arrived, they should brake, this can have crossed dividing line with preventing their do sth without authorization.
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