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The boss does good person, middle-level does bad person, just be good cooperate
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This is not the problem that points to wear the red makeup of the stage and wear the white makeup of the stage villain, point to the obligation issue with boss and controller respective both sides however.

With us company project center is exemple. A few advisory division have project center a few additional bill ask to submit an expense account, was adopted there project center controller, arrive here be chopped, become a cadre to do good person, I do bad person, this impact is very big very bad, bad. Should be be to say a principle over there project center controller, say a system, to put these here, such ability are good cooperate. I am the constitutor of the system, should revise a system by me, such ability are right. You do a cadre go altering system, maintain a system however by me, whole government put upside down, how do this go. Say some cadres so won't be an official. Say a principle truly should be middle-level cadre, what they need most is to say a principle, uphold the dignity of the system. Our problem is middle-level cadre does not say a principle, without the sturdy sex of in principle. Going saying a principle as to me is more awkward, because my since is possessory, it is operator. If go saying a principle by me, employee does not understand, do not believe, think I very care about those a few money, this is very troublesome. If be project center controller,card comes down, such very normal, because this is not his money. This employee arrives next I this comes, I say a few money calculated, approve him, had been compared so. This cooperates goodly namely, it is this meaning. It is the boss does good person certainly, the cadre is done " bad " person.
When I become group company general manager, I offend many people, because of what? Because the boss is above me, it is president. If I do good person, say this thing you look for a boss, look for president, that even I become what general manager. This does bad person, not be breakthrough principle do bad person, give everybody a kind of sense however, it is to be in certainly show of the talent when interest happening conflicts comes out.