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The boss supports staff, be still employee feeds a boss?
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Before paragraph time listens a when a friend tells him real experience, on the staff plenary meeting that is in a company, the president of this company is told to faculty " why cannot everybody make allowances for him, to feed everybody he gave how many painstaking effort, but is everybody taking his salary,cannot work however hard? The talent is much now is, what do not want to work is OK scram " . The word of president also compares a canal to use, a lot of employee after congress chose really " scram " -- abdication, this friend is among them. To a large number of employee " scram " , president regrets a bit it seems that, expedite sectional manager to do the work, but still cannot redeem a situation.

Perhaps this company president has a painful topic really, but the thinking pattern that his speech revealed him to run a side in manpower resource undoubtedly however, and such thinking mode forms calm force in a lot of industry employer brain however -- ― is me then it is industry employer, you are the person that work, it is I am taking money feeding everybody.

Telling these truths from simple logistic angle is right it seems that, because be employee really,work, the boss gives everybody commission, the boss is feeding everybody to look be like impeccable.

But should actual condition be really such? A premise that this truth establishs should be whats did not do stuff, the boss is doing beneficent activity, sending money to everybody without any cost. Otherwise the principle according to economics, the job that is employee then and time are a kind of commodity, the boss just is the job that the form that uses salary will come to buy stuff and time, it is one kind trades between boss and employee that is to say relation, be in during putting add, trading is nonexistent the question that who raises, if come to employee when the client of transact,speak instead, should be employee is feeding a boss, and not be the boss is supporting staff only.

Of course, the boss established enterprise, the platform that offerred a job to employee perhaps says a trading platform, will tell to the society, the boss solves obtain employment problem in help government, but trade itself, trade both sides should be fairness, both sides has the right that the choice trades and opportunity.

Although obtain employment situation nots allow now hopeful, the enterprise stems from advantage or strong position in trade it seems that, but face more and more knowledge employee, will tell to employee, in the process that works in the enterprise, employee hopes those who obtain is salary not just, be afraid organic still meeting, esteem is waited a moment, because employee is not a kind of tool only.

Regard an enterprise as the boss so, how establishing a kind of right manpower resource idea is crucial. If do not have employee pay, enterprise general runs very hard normally and develop, the boss also will be obtained very hard trade with what trade between employee price difference -- profit. Also only the boss has served him " client " -- employee, so the client that employee just can serve good industry truly, the enterprise just may obtain the power that expands continuously and source, boss ability has more money to go " feed " more employee.
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