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How is HR carried case change the part of the person that drive
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To today's organization character, change nowhere is absent, change to also want without specific gravity. HR branch of the organization should be assumed case change the part of the person that drive, need does 3 businesses.

   One, let employee cannot say before, the thing that dare not say speaks out.

Every enterprise has a few to do not have the problem that is spoken out, what block up changes is successful. These problems are a few old habit that the enterprise forms for quite a long time normally, employee conduct suffers his the effect is very serious.

  2, change a concept to be the action.

Knowing to should do what and real operation to rise is two things. When the leader is managing those who organize interior to change, list well and truly the 7 successful elements to 10 keys, and HR personnel wants to change through be enumerate of every project or act detailed list, the member that will help an organization become acts concept translate into.

3, let change become pattern, is not the event that just produces accidentally.

Let change become pattern, mean HR to want to promote the change of company culture, urge a company each class leader learns new knowledge ceaselessly, forget old habit, improve ego, accept changing inevitability. Changing should not be the business that evaluates the ability on the meeting to be able to happen in meeting of working lane, group, flow, and should be the job that produces naturally in each days in.