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How to discriminate real outstanding achievement hero?
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Personnel is done was opposite, do we reward a fault?

Inside an enterprise, if have two business personnel (armour and second) the goal that achieved make known to lower levels, and third was not finished book a target, so test result will how? Without doubt, it is Zhangsan is rewarded with Li Si for certain, and Wang Wu is punished, this is in great majority enterprise is the thing of follow a rational line to do some work well, this also mirrorred an enterprise to promote the culture with oriented, more pay for more work outstanding achievement. What need an attention here is: Does this kind of practice have inappropriate place?

Pass the detailed knowledge of pair of 3 individual outstanding achievement, we can see the result that another differs completely: The market that armour develops at a high speed, he expends the goal that just little effort achieves scarcely, in fact, what he should finish is better, what should compare him because of market increase rate of the competitor is a lot of taller; Opposite for, compare trouble what second finishs, the market that is in as a result of its is hit by the callosity of arise suddenly epidemic situation, the market is comprehensive and atrophic, he still goes all lengths achieved sale target, just his outstanding achievement is finished is to encourage agency low dumping in the dark, pour money energetically and come true. And for the third that did not complete outstanding achievement exclusively as, his market is a bone that gnaws the hardest, local market already area is saturated, competitive height is intense, wang Wu ploughs through having essence of life to the market, strengthen the service to agency, and a few fruitful sales promotion activities, the abidance that prevented company sale glides condition, for photograph comparing, the competitor's outstanding achievement is to glide point-blank.

Pass the analysis to nitty-gritty, without doubt, wang Wu is the person that the enterprise should reward most, but of real conference again and again prove to us, outstanding achievement hero just is we seek the target that hold in both hands to the utmost, when undertaking outstanding achievement evaluate, people always is apt regards only standard as outstanding achievement.

Assessment, what should we reward?

Afore-mentioned case described already the phenomenon of be accustomed to sth. Because be opposite when assessment the outstanding achievement, preference to the result, take outstanding achievement seriously and ignore overall performance, value a result and ignore a course. The award that brings about us runs in the opposite direction with company strategy intent as a result. Personnel is done was opposite, and we reward a fault however. Wrong promotive way can bring about wrong result. Accordingly, when problem of enterprise occurrence catholicity, do not blame personnel err first what, the system that should ask a company first is oriented have a problem.
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