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China the 6 big principles that are choose controller
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Company development needs many controller, outstanding controller has 3 measured levels: One, have the mind that respect property, serious to the job, improved, can be you still improved? Can be you still improved again? 2, have devote spirit, cannot haggle over every ounce. 3, have responsibility heart and mission feeling, this will decide whether controller can accept the culture of the enterprise completely, bear the heavy burden that has business development. .

The enterprise should hold to the following principles in the process of choose controller:

The first, controller wants those who have sureness to handle affairs ability, intense service consciousness and social sense of responsibility, can raise oneself ceaselessly control with administrative ability.

China do specific thing to ask every controller can start work personally, those cannot find a thing to become the governor that does not know how to do it again, face the destiny that is cut with respect to meeting, we meet the cadre that will not carry out experience adjust the post below inflict. Did not do good work in basic level, did not respect industry drive, it is to cannot get those who promote, the cadre with numbers of any make a false report, coxcombical style is met by demote, fall firewood.

Be in China for, controller of the high level in our requirement should have the capacity that ego increases, the development that can get used to society, enterprise immediately asks. In the meantime, controller must understand the core viewpoint of value of the enterprise adequately, have the capacity with critically ego. Want to care following, be good at listening attentively to different opinion, can make friend with the person that holds different opinion, analyse the problem of these people, give them the help. To controller character, the friend that becomes employee sincerity is very important, such, employee can say intimate word with you, can make up for controller the blemish in the job.

The 2nd, controller should have the leader's art and good working way.

Be in China for, we emphasize the working style of criticism and self-criticism, deliver all the time from the high level most basic level. Employee permits in company interior the superior to oneself, undertake criticism to his following, otherwise everybody attend to influence, do " good person " , the progress of business management speaks of with respect to have no way.

The 3rd, want to stand in the integrated choose on the footing of the company, and controller of the choose on the footing that cannot stand in small group, small faction.

Distinguish this individual to whether have those who become eligible governor to go qualitative, basically see the foundation of this individual, quality and ability, cannot talk endowment platoon people of a certain kind. In the meantime, the person that should allow to hold different opinion exists. China for what execute it is a cadre be in charge of making to the thing, is not right the person is in charge of making. Be in charge of making to the person can create a few undesirable atmospheres, can appear make a lot of people say falsehood, promise high posts and other favors, calm protects a problem, underline with the person etc a series of illness. China to be opposite controller has a few discipline: Controller can express his opinion with individual name only, do not allow to use the means that signs jointly. Controller individual is right the view of the problem, the means that can use email only issues special mailbox report, and do not allow to send email without approving do sth without authorization announcement column. When the company thinks the opinion can be made public, ability can be published publicly. No matter be openly opinion or negative opinion, without approval, be in China be is a mistake.
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