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Passionate group and laborious group, do you want which?
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In industrial economy times, incentive main task is to arouse working enthusiasm of the worker. In intellectual economy times, prompt main task change is the creativity that stimulates knowledge employee.

Had held the position of world company committee the Robert of standing chairman? A? Weiwoer is in " the basic strategy of the enterprise " write in one book: "The strategy of the enterprise studies, must study creativity to be put in the first place, this enterprise just can have vitality. " beautiful " fortune " the magazine carries civil say, the company wants be among the best of candidates, besides wanting to have quality of good management, product and financial standing, still need to have a kind of indispensable essential factor, create spirit namely. Creation is a kind of pair of new ideas, change, risk and even failure hold in the arms welcome, patient the company action means that is positive attitude even, means of this kind of behavior must be permeated at the enterprise remittent, ability produces effect.

Employee creativity represents the future of the enterprise, decide company future gives birth to the latent capacity that put. Say so, the biggest money that creativity is an enterprise and the first resource, and the core of enterprise creativity is the capacity that whether every employee has creativity to begin the work. It reflected the wisdom of employee, ability, courage and insight, enterprise and sense of responsibility integratedly. Creativity begins the job to must have the courage that thinks a secretary in charge of sth, dry real issue, dry accomplish sth, have the innovation mind that never satisfies. Carry out force and creativity correctly to begin working both to supplement each other.

There are 3 kinds of people in company staff, the first kind is be not carried out or implement one part, more do not talk to go up creativity begins the work, do not consider an issue namely, more do not do accomplish sth; The 2nd kind is carry out can dogmaticly only, target of the job that finish; The 3rd kind is in carry out creativity ground begins the work, think thing, a secretary in charge of sth, able accomplish sth namely. Former the employee that belongs asymmetry post, the 2nd kind can say only basic and competent, latter ability is competent. Have pioneering spirit, in carry out creativity ground begins the work have the stuff with sense of responsibility, outstanding work.

The nuclear psychology of Microsoft reads aloud, say simply even if " the potential that arouses every employee " . She says the ability that is a person with its in what emphasize when invite applications for a job, be inferior to saying the potential that is a person. You need not know the knowledge of software, hardware, because your potential can let you,master these knowledge. What it emphasizes is the person's passion, when letting you have the capacity of 100% , hope you can be made 120% . It is so in Microsoft, the core of business management creates an atmosphere that has intense emotion namely, and this is leader of so called passion, wait like SAP company, IBM company, Kodak company. Look in them, management learns even if arouse the person's potential, and the passion that arouses a person what arouse person potential namely constitutionally. Can say, potential management is the core of prospective management and essence. Understanding is less than this a little bit, a lot of administration of the enterprise can appear problem. The thing with the changeless only on this world changes namely, the enterprise wants to be able to get used to the competitive environment of this change, must take a person seriously above all, it is the ability that takes a person seriously next, but the development that the ultimate potential that lets a person namely will come to to conduct a business, retain the competitive ability that suits with outside photograph ceaselessly, thereby the competitive dominant position with him long-term establish.
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