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From " Jing Ke pricks Qin Wang " see talent choosing hire
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Tian Guang -- a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge just, li Jingke of lay down one's life for a just cause

Live in seclusion the Bai Le that the Tian Guang it may be said of hall of temple of swallow city, cherish knows ability. Swallow country is entered at the beginning of Jing Ke, by right of oneself consistent " raise spirit " kongfu, prevented incident of affray of a marketplace composed and rationally. Tian Guang is right this very appreciate, in inviting Jing Ke enthusiasticly to reach him home then, interest discusses the current situation abundantly with him.

Tian Guang is worthy of be expert of senior invite applications for a job, this process surface looks is " ceremony sex " the ground is entertained, actually is an all-around interview. The first, inspect intellectual level and social experience, through discussing Zhu Guofeng content, current condition with Jing Ke, tian Guang thinks Jing Ke has experience and strategy; The 2nd, inspect heart sex and psychokinesis, intended oversight Jing Ke did not enter Tian Guang all day long rice is fed, he what listen to empty stomach rumble tells information to talk about opinion, till midnight time Jing Ke rises want to say good-bye, tian Guangcai feasted like the suddenly be enlightened in the whisper in a footman he; This still does not calculate, after night talks about thorough of that day greatly, tian Guang finds a place for Jing Ke in city is in a house, much day not with make inquires... all these looks in constant manage, really mysterious discourteous! However the interview that this also is Tian Guang evaluates a technology, because he knows " planning a major programme of lasting importance " this post needs to have courage and insight, have insight, have the tenacity, person that have integrity, the late night does not grant to receive day of dietary, number not with ceremony pay a return visit, the development that is quality of pair of individual of chaste tree carriage checks, fortunately Jing Ke is the person selected that has this post quality, won the victory of this interview truly. When he decides to leave swallow town, also be Tian Guang when the decision admits him, then the clique leaves high gradually whip and spur honour come back please, begin to make an on-the-spot investigation further to his and groom.

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