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The enterprise is rising controller, basically consider two aspects
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Tsinghua university MBA, wisdom honour evaluation is advanced evaluation adviser, medium expert of program of high-level controller profession, estrade of field of duty of net of person of outstanding ability of China of be a guest of wide gentleman of normal school of global profession program, answer the netizen asks.

Double ended radius sleeker says: Teacher hello! I make phone sale in an advisory company, because outstanding achievement is more outstanding, the leader puts forward to have rising meaning before me for many times, I also am in hard all the time, but I discover the leader just is not in I disclose rising meaning before the individual, I know I want to become the director's word, must have done oneself own job, besides outstanding achievement, I want to ask a teacher, still what respect can affect his rising way. Thank!

   Fan An says: This netizen hello!

Your problem is first-rate! The enterprise is rising controller, basically consider two aspects, the first whether are you to show post outstanding achievement to compare sockdolager, the 2nd, whether are you likely administrative young successor.

The enterprise can have the feature of the controller of your become reconciled comparative, then you want to be clear about above all, what is this standard, of course every enterprise is not identical, but also can find a few current levels, the experience of choose of administrative key member that helps a lot of well-known companies by me looks, the enterprise pays attention to these quality commonly

1, communicate harmonious ability

2, responsibility heart

3, administrative interest

4, plan ability

5, influence ability

6, education subordinate ability

7, fight control capacity

8, the impression in the company works in the same place and be led

If you want to obtain,promote to a high office, you are about to evaluate your to be in the state of these respects, produce an advantage, offset weakness, be in possibly also this second in promoting to a high office, you do not have an opportunity, but the next time you can have possibly, and ability is him, OK and lifetime achieve earnings, this also can call professional core competition ability, china is deficient in eligible administrator quite.