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Of world name look forward to " enrol ability to live absolutely "
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Why can those well-known companies always make a handsome appearance scramble for sth? Besides fame big beyond, these enterprises are in delay respect of the ability that take a person, have a few " absolutely vivid " .

HP: The private affairs of employee is preferential

American HP company treats find new job the manner of employee is: Do not censure, not take by the button, agile ground puts a person, handclasp say a few parting words. HP should groom every year in the talent on beautiful not little money, some of person works into HP is for " aureate " , learned skill wait for a good price to sell. To this, the administrative layer of HP company thinks, the someone is willing to come, explain HP is charming; The family thinks, take by the button also won't set his mind at. Besides, the talent flow of IT course of study is original tall, outstanding talent serves to the outside, also be the HP contribution to the society.

Additional, HP executes flexibility management to the time going to work of employee, if employee has private affairs, general and OK preferential processing. Employee can try with the central heating in the home arrive a long time late for water, even one day does not go to work. If employee works overtime, can enjoy free dinner, can come home by the taxi, charge is submitted an expense account by the company.

Mai Ken stannum: Build " graduate network "

Advisory company of American Mai Ken stannum has " stannic alumnus records Mai Ken " , leave the muster roll of office staff namely actually. Mai Ken stannum leaves one's post employee regard as " graduate leave school " , the employee that leave one's post is Mai Ken stannum spreads all over world each district " alumnus " . The controller of Mai Ken stannum knows very well, leave the development of career of office staff profession as these, they will become the potential client of Mai Ken stannum, it is very valuable resource. Mai Ken stannum casts gigantic available to spread all over each industry at building its all the time " graduate network " , the fact proves, this one distinctive investment brought tremendous redound for the company.

Bain: The person goes tea not cool

American management seeks advice from company shellfish favour, established technically " old employee relation manages a director " , be in charge of dogging the change that leaves career of office staff profession. Change to record these, the company still built " before employee relation database " , put have North America area the data of the 2000 employee before much name, not only the metabolic information that includes their profession career, still include the detail of and so on of knot legitimate child. The company is fixed and forward employee people deliver internal news report, invite them to enter the activity of the company. Such sentiment invests, also be for some day can use these " run " manpower resource.

Cisco: Deliverance of global medical treatment
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