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English resume writes skill
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One, resume is phyletic

1. Chinese style

In Chinese style resume, often include political appearance, disposition and height weight to wait.

If Chinese and English resume is handed over together, proposal Chinese does not keep political face, because if go,the foreign enterprise works, the political color in setting has been jumped over lesser, at least was not necessary to let a foreigner know.

Disposition is a subjective thing, the personnel of invite applications for a job that has experience does not believe the disposition that him anybody writes, because it is not the thing of a rigid, unlike record of formal schooling, skill. If some people think the company wants invite applications for a job a bit more active, can write disposition in resume optimistic, have a plenty of the truth to believe his disposition is optimistic, have a plenty of feel to write on optimistic better, do not have actually necessary.

Height weight, to foreign capital to apply for a job when, need not write, because belong to the content of special privacy sex, wrote appear the culture outside knowing a state.

2. Harbor type

The resume that Hong Kong publishs writes skill ask to write the age, marriage to deny in the book, the person that to apply for a job is sought even in the help wanted of newspaper writes current situation of endowment of go to work to reach expect salary, these attribute privacy problem, beautiful type resume does not ask to provide these information.

3. Flower type

Be close to harbor type very much, but individual data says so more without harbor type, space is long but not detailed, overmuch comment is not made here.

4. Beautiful type

International compares popularity in the company greatly, one page paper, it is the style that we consult mainly. Beautiful type resume writes a format to also have ten kinds, some books published about a hundred kinds of example, but the model that we introduce compares popularity in American big company, introduce this kind of model advisory company of the investment bank that is like wall street, international, industry company, manufacturing industry company, sale estate company; In the meantime, we also consulted school of 3 famous brand: Haing Buddha business school, Warton the resume example of business school and Colombian business school, style very much the same, here is main with haing Buddha business school give priority to.

2, resume essentials

1. How does personnel of invite applications for a job differentiate resume?

Write well, want to withhold of course, if again the company is badly in need of its setting, the likelihood wants the person that see to apply for a job immediately; Write badly, can desertion, actually, do not look repeatedly. The big company with well-known any, everyday thousands of people give resume, if be written too poorly, essential undeserved reservation. Because these companies think, a person writes even his resume bad, took a company in the future, insufficient to dilettante article quality; Say a thing to also say to not be clear about internally, the company does not want such person for certain. Everybody often says the person of big company is well-trained, actually this also is among them on one hand. Although do not take big company, resume is written badly, also can appear do not know fundamental pattern, without wisdom.
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