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Resume, it is to apply for a job original an a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success with because of the person different most variable, no matter be first time to apply for a job, still find new job to apply for a job, those who believe friends can notice the treatment in an attempt to of pair of this bricks is taller " open the door " rate.

Case fluoroscopy:

Eminent young lady is Hunan person, be graduated from college of key of a home 6 years " application is psychological " professional. After graduation, she has been engaged in a few about education, character kind the job, 6 the end of the year, flounder develops to Hangzhou, but the company of choose and employ persons that here involves psychology application is not much, and the intellectual level that the working category place that its psychology involves asks also appeared with his difference, it is even went up to also have bigger discrepancy with individual interest, after many to post search after ending in order to fail, by force of existent pressure, carelessly ground was engaged in civil service a kind of job, and in this kind of job, it is the company changes 2. A the closest work is relatively steady, but she did not discard all the time the pursuit of professional to oneself knowledge, also be in during the job for reference the professional qualification certificate of psychological advisory division, in a year of much work constantly advertent the position breach that this professional is in Hangzhou area, but every time resume goes out, effects is very small.

Eminent young lady feels he is in interview when do not have a problem, at least, want to get interview chance only, she had not failed. Draw near the issuance of result of qualificatory card pass an entrance examination, eminent young lady does not think major of the deviate on the professional road in oneself is further and further, begin to seek the problem seat of own to apply for a job so, accidental opportunity, she passes website bring into contact with we. Alone beautiful profession adviser helps his analyse, in resume on this a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success, the time that she spends is not quite good.

The working experience of eminent young lady is relatively mixed and disorderly, every job and oneself professional dependency degree are differ, want oneself job experiences those who become resume window to must have post specific aim very much to make with deliver resume, although she has studied psychology, lacked knowledge however in on-the-job field take exercise accordingly, no matter be of pair of job content,prop up, still be opposite right now of resume make meticulously, lacked experience to cause psychology application to appear pale. Let its build self-confidence on resume afresh, attracting the eyeball of HR is in order to beat an enterprise entrance door crucial.

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