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"Quotation " resume is provoking love
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The Cheng Yuhui that just graduated from major of some college news this year, pass oneself " plain code actual price " resume, took the employ announcement of some famous estate company. Her resume came to his ability and inadequacy " plain code marks a price " , at first sight, resemble " price-list " . She is laughing to say: "This one action aids me to go all out all the way kill, found very satisfactory now job! Found very satisfactory now job!!

Resume of to apply for a job changes quotation

Basic value: 1800 yuan -- , the graduate that regards key of directly under of a country as the university, expended parents' many money and feeling to foster, the corporeal support with enough need signs up for a support of the people to offer an individual to live back and forth main charge, use at paying the job the further progress of skill.

Skill value: - 300 yuan -- , the student that understands oneself learn major as a news is lacked " professional skill " , the work that can do is not had cannot replace a gender, but after entering some unit to pass the training of period of time, I can be developed somewhat. Give this to appreciate expensive unit " into the door " opportunity, think to should subtract 300 yuan monthly pay.

Disposition value: 300 yuan -- , the disposition of optimistic and lively humour, can utmost land makes an organization morale high, what hold the job in pleasant atmosphere is efficient.

Experience value: - 500 yuan, the experience that knows very well oneself is defective, had finished complete academic research without independent ground, also had not organized large social activity, but the society that has solid professional knowledge and higher integrated quality as is new person, can finish very quickly arrive from the student of the employee transfer.

Compare with the resume photograph of other graduate, cheng Yuhui's resume more resemble a quotation. She had specific and objective opinion to each her quality, altogether has more than 10, gave out respectively or or negative value number. Finally, the vendibility that she gives herself assess is 2000 yuan.

Cheng says gladly: "Because the form is novel, the unit that I join resume can let go almost my interview. The unit that I join resume can let go almost my interview..

Get the upper hand of still needs genuine talent

Cheng is in 10 thousand managers of the branch to say: "The resume of Cheng left good the first impression to us. " such special also the requirement that accords with them to engineer a talent to sale. But 10 thousand managers express, she shows scene in the written examination later and interview, just be the real reason that she applies for a success.

As we have learned, pattern of graduate now resume is various. 10 thousand managers express, good oneself quality, excellent professional skill just is a magic weapon of get the upper hand of that applies for a success, the resume to apply for a job that wants to rely on flowery is met only outsmart oneself, the loss outweights the gain.
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