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CEO of renown look forward to people witticism approves resume of bit of to appl
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Changjiang Delta spring: Should persuade a boss you are rightCeo calling card: Medium parvenu of 32 years old

Changjiang Delta spring, divide chairman of bureau of numerous medium author, trustee and presiding apparitor. On July 4, 2005, changjiang Delta of 32 years old spring the Chinese that becomes the first to be invited to press doorbell of noisy accept city, the cent numerous medium that he establishs single-handed lands Nasidake successfully, with one action sits embrace 3 billion RMB, become parvenu of Chinese science and technology.


Ask: My boss always criticizes me, carry my fault, I compare good outer part, always the mood is bad, how to do?

Answer: I think you should place your position, you can encounter the boss' bad-tempered situation a lot of, not be everybody is compared so like me amiable. But, you are in the job, he is a leader, we are grown in the quarrelling sound, this is very normal, this also explains you have inadequacy when work. I also often by rebuke ah, but want to keep back, numerous like our cent medium is same, the client always is right. I think, you should want how to let a boss feel you are right, go affecting him slowly, is not to complain blindly.

Ask: Say to want to rely on interest to work, but a lot of moment we are to fend. Had you had this kind of bewilderment?

Answer: If you are a basis of course conditionally,interest chooses the job, but the problem is this market often is not move with your interest. A lot of moment, the profession fends namely degree. Additional, do poineering work and seeking job is two concepts, do poineering work can plan according to your interest, but seek job different.

Additional, I think, not all thing thinks too high at a draught, dividing numerous medium to go to the experience that there is not group of 10 years of ads today is impossible. Often somebody asks me, before is a poet, write a poem, do a business now, how to come of this two respects? I say, abandon, I abandoned the poem, do an enterprise to want to abandon anything else namely. Poetry is adolescent thing, I was not liked now, have a profession only.

Case analysis
Offer one's services is believed cannot too long

Deng Tao: Science of computer of Zhejiang industry university and technical this year's graduates.

Changjiang Delta spring: Above all, this resume has the title page of a thread-bound book, be equivalent to having a theme. Next, still made a letter of offer one's services, introduced oneself with short length, this is very good also. But this resume has a the biggest drawback, did not speak oneself to be able to move the place of others.

It is very important at 4 o'clock that I feel resume has, the first, why to choose me? The 2nd, what do I and other competitor have not? The 3rd, why do I compare others strong? The 4th, I can create what value for the enterprise. With respect to this 4, crisp, in order to strive for the opportunity to interview
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