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Whether can be expectation salary kept on resume
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One, divorce

Often interview so interesting phenomenon, to apply for a job person write a few words and expressions that go up involuntarily on resume, be like " marital status: Divorce " etc (write in resume begin even) , bringing about even if is an appropriate person selected also cannot get interview opportunity apply for a result. Inside reason is to apply for a job person the impression that left failure on resume. This is an is ignored easily place in process of to apply for a job.

No matter you how be related of look upon divorce, put it in resume, make you affix the loser's mark instantly. If you married, solid say just as well; If you divorced, say you are returned " lone " ; If you are in,live apart period, still say you " married " .

Employee of hypothesis boss appoint to a position is to reach some result, so, in the failure that you indicate on resume, nature is very adverse to you. The record of be thwarted, almost everybody has, failure is so no wonder, it is rate size and the problem that whether can balance only just. For example, exam failure does not express doomsday, want examination of repass of your stage a come back only, perhaps you are returned can from which benefit good people is much. But resume is improper express these point of views, say when interview probably some more appropriate.

   2, of misdirectThe jobHonor

The working honor of misdirect also can make you are looked like is a loser. Consult please following " career mode " : Currently hold the post ofthe job: Sale manager predecessor works: The predecessor before sale general manager works: Sale manager why are you met from " sale general manager " recall former post " sale manager " ? To this you have probably sufficient reason, can not go up in letter of to apply for a job aptly define, but you are not in charge of it, others nature can think you are ability by accident insufficient ability by " demote a former post " .

In fact, same working title represents different import in different company, if you feel the working honor previously may give a person erroneous impression, not hesitant, change it into other name, when necessary, explain when interview again so the argument that make.

   3, pay

1, the salary that the boss will know you are current is higher than what they are willing to pay

Although you may fall of one's own accord firewood, but the opportunity that you also won't have interview to express desire, because the boss does not wish to employ normally,this kind of pay earns more more little person, they can feel you are to using them " fill is vacant " . Or the time that they can think to you interview opportunity just wastes you just.

2, the pay that the boss will know you are current is far lower than what they are willing to pay

You may have the opportunity of interview, but the chip of your pay was weakened greatly. If pay is OK argy-bargy, they can be a firewood with your current pay. On the contrary, they give you possibly also the chance of interview far from, because they can feel you too " negligible " and cannot be competent to work this.
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