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Emeritus time hire personnel to be injured at work to whether calculate inductri
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Brief introduction of details of a case

The experience elder that Luo Mou is some machinery plant is advanced mechanic, retired in June 2000. At the beginning of 2001, because new project went up in the factory, need solves difficult problem of a few technologies, time hire Luo Mou to do instructor. March 2001, luo Mou is doing misfortune of the left hand when demonstrating to be hurt by machine make friends, send toward hospital cure, luo Mou puts forward to ask to enjoy inductrial injury treatment to the manufacturer, but think Luo Mou had enjoyed endowment insurance in the factory, do not answer to enjoy inductrial injury treatment again.

Case analysis

To this one problem, jural still do not have special specific provision. But basis " byelaw of inductrial injury insurance " the 2nd, the 61st regulation that makes clear the first times to attending the limits of worker of inductrial injury insurance to have. Always concern with labor of existence of unit of choose and employ persons (include factual labor to concern) the laborer of all sorts of all sorts of forms that use worker worker, deadline that use worker worker, in the limits that should belong to inductrial injury to be sure. If retiree answers those who hire company unit, produce inductrial injury accident, ought to basis " byelaw of inductrial injury insurance " regulation, maintain for inductrial injury, enjoy inductrial injury treatment.

But, if implement measure locally or detailed rules made specific provision to this kind of problem, eliminate this kind of circumstance to maintain those who be inductrial injury, ought to be carried out according to specific provision.