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Buy outright length of service, violate our country labor law
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  Brief introduction of details of a case:

"Buy outright length of service " , common ground is told, it is the employee that the enterprise allowed those to work all one's life almost takes a place " demobilize is expended " go person. Very much state-owned company was adopted " buy outright length of service " method finds a place for employee of have more than needed also is expedient only. "Buy outright length of service " it is to build in state-owned company staff " lifelong make " , and over the base that the system of basic social security such as medical treatment insurance, endowment insurance, unemployed insurance has not build, the company pays employee " buy outright length of service " money, the economy that should regard the enterprise after the enterprise removes to concern with the labor between employee as to pay employee compensates gold.

A few days ago, the ground of anger of Mr Sun anger of enterprise of some state-owned and large petrifaction tells a reporter, this enterprise because of the orgnaization compact, preparation appears on the market waiting for a reason to be being dealt with with large quantities of one employee is essentially " remove contract " " buy outright length of service " formalities. Already " buy outright length of service " discovery of the ability after making a gentleman leave a company, the employee treatment that stay is better, want to discover to there is the agreement that oneself had signed in the hand however, do not have above " buy outright length of service " model of written characters, be about to accuse without the door, be regretful! However, what laborer must make clear is " buy outright length of service " break the law.

   Case analysis:

" labor law of People's Republic of China " regulation: "Build working relationship to ought to conclude labor contract " (16) : "Unit of choose and employ persons and laborer must attend regime lawfully, pay society insurance premium " (72) . Visible, the enterprise must sign labor contract with employee, attend social insurance lawfully, pay insurance premium. If enterprise and employee remove,labor concerns, employee although cannot rapid and new obtain employment, also can enjoy the social security treatment such as insurance of unemployed insurance, endowment insurance, medical treatment lawfully, and nonexistent employee leaves an unit with respect to uncared-for problem, because this is beardless also " buy outright length of service " . But the proclaimed in writing that still a few state-owned companies ignore national policy statute now prohibits, finding a place for still be used when personnel of have more than needed " buy outright length of service " practice. Be aimed at this one phenomenon, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employee, those who maintain national legal system is unified, when the country is making labor and social security policy about the branch, prohibit strictly the enterprise is adopted " buy outright length of service " the form promotes employee to the society.
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