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Is exercise of violate the rules and regulations wounded can you calculate induc
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I do repairman in look forward to of one family property, a day of August, when I go to work undertake repairing to stopping the machine of machine, finger is wrung by the machine carelessly. I ask the enterprise gives inductrial injury treatment, company controller says I am the loss that exercise of him violate the rules and regulations causes, do not calculate inductrial injury.

Excuse me, can I enjoy inductrial injury treatment? (reader: Wang Hua)

Wang Hua:

" byelaw of inductrial injury insurance " the 14th regulation, inside working hours and working place, be harmed because of working reason by the accident, ought to maintain for inductrial injury. " byelaw " the 16th regulation, because commit a crime or of casualties of management of infringe public security, drunk wine brings about casualties, perhaps commit suicide from incomplete, must not maintain for inductrial injury.

Unit of choose and employ persons of inductrial injury insurance is assumed without fault responsibility, take no account of laborer to whether have fault. That is to say, whether does laborer have fault no matter, want to produce inductrial injury only, insurance agency orgnaization should give inductrial injury to be sure at sum pay.

Accordingly, even if your violate the rules and regulations works, also do not affect you to enjoy treatment of inductrial injury insurance lawfully.