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Work goes before contract law controversy is medium
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On September 3, " labor contract law carries out byelaw (draft) " pass via standing conference discusses the State Council and obtaining a principle. Conference decision, after draft classics is revised further, by the State Council fair alms giving goes.

Late on May 8 this year, office of legal system of the State Council was announced " labor contract law carries out byelaw (draft) " full text, seek an opinion extensively to social all circles at coming 20 days on May 8.

Before this on June 29, 2007, in standing committee of National People's Congress of 10 whole nations on the 28th conference, all previous classics discusses 4 times " labor contract law " obtain high bank note to pass. This year on January 1, " labor contract law " apply formally.

   "Sacrificed opportunity of most person obtain employment "

From " labor contract law " after full text is announced, a few proprietor of an enterprises and learned man are right " labor contract law " raise doubt, think " labor contract law " increased to use labor cost greatly, it is to bring about an enterprise to shut, remove endowment main reason. Still the scholar said recently, " labor contract law " will reduce finally " view and admire a law " , in practice the lieutenant general is couldn't get carry out.

From last year arrived on December 11 this year on March 11, economist Zhang Wuchang in a running fire in rich guest 10 articles object " labor contract law " , in last article he says, "New labor contract law is a kind of of in the round interpose market significant agreement, pull one hair and use the whole body, whole market can get serious harm. Whole market can get serious harm..

On July 27, economist Lang Xianping says when Hangzhou makes a speech, new labor law is brash come on stage caused company worker double the aspect that lose. He says, "The political meaning of itself of labor contract law, economy meaning is very great, my individual is special support. But, above all, the argumentation of large area was not passed actually after protocol is good. The 2nd, did not pass actually pilot. Did not pass actually pilot..

According to publishing a report, " labor contract law " one of people that draft Dong Baohua of vice-chairman of seminar of Chinese labor law expressed recently, " labor contract law " in protection laborer closes right increase while, also protected minority to lack the employee of competition ability, sacrificed the obtain employment opportunity of most laborer, make working relationship coagulates solidify -- the company goes hard with labour Yi Jin, enter more go out less or do not enter only piece. More serious is, " labor contract law " carry out raised labor cost, concentrated to labor model the enterprise produces huge impact, harmed enterprise and interest of employee both sides at the same time.
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