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Visit related executive byelaw of labor contract law
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" byelaw of executive detailed rules of labor contract law " (the following abbreviation " byelaw " ) announced formally on September 18, this law the direct import that announces real to manpower resource practitioner work to having absolutely sex, we understand expert and manpower resource practitioner today through the visit the view to this.

   Visit Peng Zhi's attorney

Ask: Do you think " byelaw " announce pair of HR, laborer what to kind of direct sense there is?

Answer: Change clarity of labor contract law, enhance its to operate a gender. Regard the form a complete set of labor contract law as measure, leading legislative way, refine labor contract law, remove to employee and unit especially labor contract respect made clear illuminate, facilitate we understand. Still be it come on stage corrected everybody is right before the misunderstanding of labor contract law.

Ask: After space labor contract law publishs 8 many months, executive byelaw just comes on stage, do you think of byelaw publish environment of whole to China choose and employ persons what to kind of influence will bring?

Answer: Actually, of this byelaw come on stage get contract law of labor of be confined to, it is the measure of form a complete set of labor contract law, and labor contract law and had promulgated on June 29, 2007, had spent much time 1 year, so I think to won't bring too big impact.

   South the visit Zhang Minghui of power source CHO

Ask: What as the CHO of the enterprise you pay close attention to is which respect, which respect does your meeting that serves as laborer pay close attention to?

Answer: As CHO, the affirmation that pays close attention to most is the issue that decides deadline contract about having solid, labor contract code works 10 years surely of above should sign without contract of fixed deadline labor, sign labor contract twice continuously also should conclude without solid calm deadline works contract, this meeting causes company system not agile. From the point of labor contract law, it makes the company stands in the seat of a weak force, laborer becomes strong. Before coming on stage with labor contract law, turned over come over. And of byelaw come on stage, he is the opinion that listened to much level for certain, because come on stage from labor contract law since, controversy all the time very big. He was done can remove about unit of choose and employ persons of labor contract agreed at 14 o'clock, this safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise to the enterprise, have an eclectic effect.

As a laborer, for the person that I feel not tall to salary, the affirmation of attention is the problem of standard of a minimum wage. Still one is a contract is sign, because of it the regulation wants existence fact labor to concern only, be equivalent to signing labor contract, he catchs the existence automation that lets working relationship. A month did not sign a contract, be about to pay employee the salary compensation of double. And quote responsibility is in an enterprise square, this is helpful for laborer safeguarding this legitimate rights and interests, " byelaw " reached responsibility marry again the industry.
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