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Thoroughly implement the Regulations on Open Government Information website cont
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I. Introduction
China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) 2009 年 1 month issued data show that: the end of 2008, China's netizens reached 298 million people, penetration 2 2. 6% more than the global average, the number of Internet users continue living in the world. 2008, China's rapid development of network news, network news rate increase over the previous year and nearly 5 percentage points to 78.5 percent. Network News user 234 million people, the Internet has become a propaganda position can not be ignored.
CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao, January 23, 2007 at the 38th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, stressed that collective learning, strengthening Internet culture construction and management, give full play to the Internet in China's socialist construction of the important role of culture is conducive to improve the nation's ideological and moral standards and scientific and cultural quality, and expand the work of propaganda and ideological front, and expand the radiation power of a socialist spiritual civilization and influence will help enhance China's soft power. We must adopt a positive attitude and innovative spirit, to develop and disseminate healthy network culture, and effectively build the Internet, use and manage.
January 1, 2006, the PRC central government portal (hereinafter referred to as "The Chinese government network") was officially opened, caused a strong reaction in the community. More than 3 years running, the site adhere to the service the public as the center of social demand, timely and accurate release government information; continued integration of government public services, enhance online services; steadily carry out the Government's interaction with the public. January 17, 2007, the State Council executive meeting of 165 adopted and published the "Republic of China on Open Government Information" (State Council Decree No. 492, hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), since May 1, 2008 shall come into force. "Regulations" of open government information on the scope, modalities and procedures and safeguards of a clear mechanism for the specification and so is conducive to actively and steadily promote open government information work, but also for all levels of government pointed out the direction of the construction site content. In this paper, the "Regulations" for more than a year of implementation of government's role in promoting the construction site, and the network of the Chinese government experience, a simple turn to the construction site content some experience and recommendations.
Second, timely accurate and comprehensive government information release, protection of the public right to know
Government information is published by the government at all levels, government administrative functions with the behavior of various types of information related to the sum of the activities including administration, meetings, documents, bulletins and so on. Most of the content involving citizens, enterprises or other vital interests of the organization, so more and more concerns of the community. If the Chinese Government Network is currently offered in China today, official documents Gazette, work dynamic, law enforcement supervision, press releases, appointment, removal and emergency management and other columns. Another example is the Beijing Municipal Government website (www.beijing.gov.cn) in Beijing today, the Government Gazette, work reports, video, Beijing belong to the government information release section. The Chinese government has done the online survey network, and Internet users primarily through the news as news and information website, access to government information through government websites have become the main purpose of the Government of site users.
The executive authorities to facilitate the public through government websites and other means known to timely, accurate, and complete public government information, for improving the transparency of government work to promote administration according to law, give full play to government information on the people's production and living services and economic and social activities have active role. "Regulations" for more than one year, 国务院各部委, the provincial government website, and some municipal governments have launched a Web site open government information column, a large open "regulations" within the provisions of the various types of government information, and further expanded the influence of government websites. In the "Regulations" issued more than two years since, the Chinese government website in the government information release a number of innovative aspects of exploration and practice. If every Wednesday chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao State Council executive meeting, the Xinhua News Agency from the previous forward pass is issued only in part, to the weekly release ahead of other media directly feed the country to do so the first time the majority of users understand the country's highest administrative organ Conference, and the central government's recent focus; such as various types of regulatory documents by the State Council, the selectivity of some previously published up to now will be able to open the contents of the column through the information publicly released all the first time online, and to provide search and download service; Again in accordance with the "Regulations" requirements will involve the citizens, legal persons and other organizations the vital interests of the most direct and most practical problems, timely public access, and gradually built law enforcement and regulatory column, etc., are for all levels of government websites has played a positive demonstration of government information and the leading role.
Government websites as a late start in China, including the central government at all levels of government websites, including information disclosure is not yet widespread in time, documents released incomplete or even news and information division of government information and unclear issues. For more in-depth implementation of the "Ordinance" to make government information release process more standardized and the content of popular trends, publish information on government websites should also work towards the following directions and improvements.

(A) adhere to the rapid and comprehensive government information, innovation, user queries effectively
Massive online government information and Internet technology innovation, more and more Internet users accustomed to using search engines to obtain the required content. To meet the user's search needs, government websites should be well before the data storage format specification published, classification, indexing, etc., must constantly develop new technologies to provide not only follow the classification of documents in a manner consistent with the search habits of Internet users access way; The site's information must be timely, regular storage, but avoid the decree has been published not long downloaded from the website situation. At present, some public information on government websites or disorderly, or limited, or the search function is not complete, can not meet the needs of the user's access to the urgent need to further standardize and improve.
(B) the right balance of quality and quantity of information release, news and information to reduce and eventually eliminate the release of the Government website
Government websites in order to maintain the number of daily updates, news media, a large number of forwards is widespread. Currently, including the central government portal, including most government sites have published a large number of non-government information, including a number of current affairs, economic class news. This situation is due to our government news Web site behind the building site and the relative lack of long-term government information resources and other reasons. From the government web site positioning and long-term development, it will remain based on government information release as the main platform. Increase the proportion of government information release, increased government information in the original and the starting rate will be published in the information at all levels of government web sites to improve the quality of the main objectives. With the "Regulations" in-depth implementation of the Government to further expand the scope of information disclosure, a large number of government websites reproduced the situation of press releases will be changed.
(C) actively explore the construction of government websites and news sites a combination of new ways to enhance the ability of government information and influence the spread of
Government information to government documents, for example, are often written in a standardized format for its policy of leaving important information is hidden in the text, and news sites can just editing these files, extract more suitable for users to read, causing more widespread public concern about the title and content. Also, read the news reports and the relevant policy interest groups, will once again return to the government website or download the full text. After such an interactive publishing, government information through the news websites gained extensive influence effective communication, news websites also through these authentic government information rich in its own editorial content. "Xinhua 2008--2015 idea of work," Xinhua in talking about strengthening and building of the contractor proposed a government Web site: "To actively explore and apply the law of Internet development, deepening and government websites, professional websites, resource sharing and local channels effective interaction; national key sites to do a good job of contractors, co-working, building a strong group of national government websites. "Currently, a large number of public access to government information, making the government websites and even traditional news sites is becoming an important media source of information.

Third, to improve optimization of online services and improve the "electronic government" efficiency
Online via the Internet to provide administrative examination and approval process, making the government websites are becoming an integral part of all levels of government, and gradually integrated into the Government's work processes. In recent years, most government sites are set up online services work the system and, increasingly, showing a wide range of services, informative, convenient and quick advantage.
The Chinese government network as the highest administrative organ of the portal, since January 1, 2006 the date of opening of the State Council launched more than 70 provincial departments and local governments in more than 30 online services sector, providing an online processing of integrated platform. The platform services and the theme of each service department entrance, to provide users with convenient access through Internet. In early 2007, another major construction site of the "administrative licensing" and "service room" two columns, using multimedia technology to the service sector and theme more friendly interface, the path more clearly. Chinese Government Network has completed more than 30 departments of the State Council of nearly a thousand items of administrative licensing items online, more large-scale data access work is also tension in progress.
Website of the Central Government to promote the construction of integrated services platform, the State Council departments and local government websites also redoubling its efforts to optimize, improve and innovate their own online services. Such as the Ministry of Land Resources Web site (www.mlr.gov.cn) in setting up work on the basis of the hall, also launched a trading floor and land evaluation system, publicity and many other online work; the Commerce Department Web site (www.mofcom.gov.cn) New construction of refined oil wholesale business license system, not only to provide advice, forms to download, complaints and other services, but also allows companies to direct online registration application; Beijing Municipal People's Government in its official website set up "practical people do online" column, general concern for the people education, health care, labor and social security, transport travel, community projects such as public utilities to open up online services dedicated channel; Chengdu, Sichuan Province People's Government websites, online personal and business work in the column were set up for special populations, "Special Services" projects, such as the "three rural", "start", "minimal assurance", to further expand the service level.
And the more developed countries e-government and regional government websites, the service functions of government websites in general are still relatively weak. Part in the provision of services to the site, most services only work guidelines, policy advice and other information services, the real line by clicking the mouse for the project to achieve very little. All departments and local governments work through networks and capacity level of service is also very uneven, which to some extent, to the central government websites difficult integration of various service resources.
With the "Regulations" The implementation of the government websites at all levels of government information release in the progressive standardization of procedures, will invest more effort in building up the content to the service. Building service-oriented government purpose of the website will become clear, service objectives and targets will become increasingly clear, the way services will be more specific. Looking forward to the efficient operation of the end user's "electronic government", will be a site for the center of the central government to support all levels of government for the huge site network group service system. In this "24 hours does not work in the government" in various capacities, users only need to visit at any time the central government to the horizontal or vertical portal into the various departments and the local site system for the successful completion of the matters they need .
Fourth, innovative interactive forms, and guide people to actively offer advice and suggestions for the government
Mentioned interaction between the function of government web sites, users must also eve of Premier Wen Jiabao in 2009 the Chinese government network, Xinhua online communication with the users remember the case. Some netizens commented this online exchange: "The prime minister asked the political Internet, public opinion through Zhongnanhai." Indeed, the Chinese Premier on the Internet in real time with friends and through word of global broadcast video, the first time in history. It not only shows the style of the Prime Minister and the First Man of the transparency of government work, but also to the public to send a strong signal, it is a network media "government ─ the public," the new mode of interaction has become an important element of political civilization in China .

In fact, government officials and Internet users around the start of the online communication between the beginning several years ago to put down roots in the government website. CAPE through after the Chinese government every month on the hot issues of common concern to the people invited to the State or local government officials, organizations, ministries and a number of field-line interview questions and answers posted through the Internet, the public and government departments to achieve a direct dialogue. Many people are familiar with the leadership of government departments, such as former minister of the Ministry of Education Zhou Ji, Li Jinhua, Auditor General Audit of the original, former director of Administration of Work Safety Li medium, have been the Chinese government has entered the network's interview room. Now, the online interview has become the brand of the Chinese government network section, a department for at least weekly interviews, more and more concerns of the community. The online interview with Premier Wen Jiabao personally attended to the body offer as an example, government officials at all levels set a good example. I believe that with all levels of government the rich interactive content site, there will be more and more active government officials engage in a dialogue with the public through the communication network.
At present, the site features interactive communication has been far more than a form of online interview. Only the Chinese government network, for example, involves the participation of the public section to include interactive online interviews, online surveys, offering government, the views collected, the petition of the window and so on. These flexible and diverse forms of interactive communication channels through the contents of the guide, to attract the masses to take part in vote or speak for the government to actively offer advice and suggestions. This not only shortened the distance between the government and people, but also effectively reach Asking the people to ask the purpose of government to the people. Such as "adjustment of national holidays for Comments", "reform and opening up 30 years Internet users have experienced the investigation," "Internet users concerned about government priorities," such as online surveys and opinion columns collection, tens of thousands of Internet users are actively involved, some of the ideas and suggestions also adopted by relevant departments. Currently, many departments and local government websites also opened a governor, minister-mail, all levels of government "in charge" to listen to voice of the people directly through the network, bringing together public opinion.
With the expansion of government websites and the people of the upsurge of enthusiasm, the interactive features of government websites will be more effective play. Similar to the news Web site message boards and forums, news system, message board and the Government Chief Information website forum system, also will be the interactive features of government websites need to study the construction and development of new forms.
V. Conclusion
With governments at all levels in-depth implementation of the "Regulations", the implementation of e-government projects and government websites turn into a new golden period of development. Consistent with China, with Chinese characteristics and management of government websites will be a challenging exploratory work. We must follow the requirements of the concept of scientific development, people-oriented, co-ordinating information dissemination, online services, interactive exchange of three main functional areas of content development at the same time, focus on training to adapt to a number of news websites and government websites New joint development of a comprehensive personnel needs . To create a timely and accurate information disclosure, full-featured online work, feelings of public opinion exchange large government websites unblocked group, with the Internet, new media, the Chinese government to demonstrate an open, fair and responsible good image, and truly "electronic government" services to the people.
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About the author:
Qi Huijie, the central government portal editorial director, engaged in the work of news and network news reports, had participated in the central government to build the portal, building on the Government website content deeper study.
In health in Asia, the central government portal, deputy director of editorial, news and networks engaged in the work of news reporting has been involved in the central government to build the portal, the work of the government information release deeper study.