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Obtain employment of graduate of old technical secondary school of fierce justic
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One, after this year's graduates and unit of choose and employ persons amount to initial purpose, answer to sign obtain employment agreement as early as possible, after reaching agreement talent of fierce justice county to exchange card of central ancient bronze mirror, return the school.

2, after graduation, the talent that should turn human affairs archives toward working seat communicates a center and deal with a newspaper to arrive formalities.

When graduate leave school, have not fulfil working unit also can turn human affairs archives toward talent communication orgnaization, deal with by talent communication orgnaization first settle, hind obtain employment formalities. Can deal with “ to go out at the same time ” of card of Yo of marriage of hobo of ” of obtain employment card, “ and open concerned proof to wait.

3, graduate deals with the beard when reporting for duty to provide following data: Human affairs archives, graduate reports for duty card, registered permanent residence is migratory agreement of card, obtain employment (do not need without what fulfil working unit) .

4, the old technical secondary school that the country admits record of formal schooling is graduate, be engaged in this professional job achieving those who provide fixed number of year, to talent communication the center deals with title Chu Dingshen to sign up for formalities (do not contain judge major in order to take an examination of era) . In the meantime, talent communication center will offer comprehensive human affairs representative to serve.

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