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Huge rock installs graduate of prefectural old technical secondary school to be
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1, inside 6 months after graduate of old technical secondary school graduates not of obtain employment, can apply for unemployment to register;

2, individual to be engaged in management old technical secondary school is graduate, outside the trade that restricts except the country, from industrial and commercial administration the sun of sectional registration book rises 3 years inside avoid hand in register kind, management kind illuminate with card kind sex of each administration career collects fees;

3, the quota of people with be arranged every year certain admits by examination in college graduate employ officeholder and institution staff member, arrange a part to recruit scale to be used at working in the private enterprise among them full the college of 3 years of above is graduate;

4, cancel novitiate to the graduate of old technical secondary school in this prefectural obtain employment; Old to cannot fulfilling this prefectural home town of obtain employment unit temporarily technical secondary school is graduate, can deal with “ first ” of the obtain employment after settle;

5, encourage enterprise or business the unit introduces talent of undergraduate course above, to introduced undergraduate course the talent is engaged in major of speak or sing alternately working and the service reachs above 2 years completely (the contract of card of ancient bronze mirror of department of labor of classics county human affairs is accurate) , give 5000 yuan to settle down by unit of choose and employ persons cost is accessorial, if the service is full 5 years, give choose and employ persons the unit by the 80% reward that pay the specified amount actually by prefectural finance.

2, obtain employment reports for duty, settle handles affairs program

One, deal with report for duty, formalities of human affairs representative

According to the code of human affairs policy with active country, the graduate of old technical secondary school that the country plans to recruit should be in " obtain employment reports for duty card " in the place that the regulation reachs inside formulary deadline reports for duty, deal with with archives mandatory the formalities of human affairs representative that is a foundation. The following data should provide when coming round to deal with:

1, " obtain employment reports for duty card " original;

2, archives of one's status as a student (send prefectural talent center by the school)

3, one inch illuminates 3 pieces nearly;

4, cost of human affairs representative: 180 the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor.

2, conduction settle formalities

(one) settle policy. Install office of prefectural people government according to huge rock [spirit of 2004]67 date file, accord with one of following conditions should go to a graduate, can fulfil registered permanent residence the city zone some house appoint meeting: (1) one party of husband and wife is registered permanent residence of the city zone; (2) oneself live in the city zone; (3) parental one party or bilateral registered permanent residence are in the city zone and work in the city zone or live in the city zone; (4) oneself and its are lineal those who have lawful and fixed housing is buy in the city zone; (5) oneself and directly-related members of one's family -parents are versed in in Wu of the city zone (the contract by visa of department of classics county labor) or be in business (the business license that issues by door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry) full a year, still pursue this professional now.
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