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Check-in of graduate of old technical secondary school handles affairs guideline
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The obtain employment policy of the our city:

1, every wishs to come to the urban district above of the specialized subject outside the province of obtain employment, provincial institution of higher learing of above of technical secondary school and graduate of common and secondary school, it is OK to should have those who receive an unit only obtain employment settle, did not receive an unit temporarily, also but first the obtain employment after settle.
2, the urban district is enterprise or business the graduate of record of formal schooling of the technical secondary school outside the province that the unit is badly in need of or the professional technology personnel that have special technical ability and administrator,
3, the country admits record of formal schooling into religion, take an examination of oneself, long-range education is graduate, want to have list of source of student only, all can be in the urban district obtain employment, what did not fulfil working unit is OK also first the obtain employment after settle, those who belong to rural number of households and total population is OK still farming turn blame.
4, urge a talented person flexible flow, of all kinds talent can be introduced formally in urban obtain employment, also need not turn human relations and archives, not change registered permanent residence comes long-term or gold is short-term service, the bearer outside be being dealt with by talent center just recruits card, the talented person that holds this card is in Jin Hua residence, enjoy this city dweller to wait to encounter together, go out to be dealt with of obtain employment by this center go out obtain employment card.

Graduate reports for duty program

Should, no matter whether all previous graduate fulfils working unit, all can deal with to this central graduate check-in report for duty, settle formalities. Particular program is:

1, should, all previous graduate is needed oneself human affairs archives turns to qualified personnel of Jin Hua city to communicate a center (human affairs archives did not arrive not to grant to deal with a newspaper to arrive formalities) .
2, the beard when reporting for duty carries the following certificate: Diploma, report for duty card, registered permanent residence is migratory agreement of card, obtain employment (did not fulfil working unit need to carry agreement of blank obtain employment) .
3, the graduate beard that registered permanent residence deposits this center takes the former Id, big head picture that makes Id use 2 pieces.
4, into religion, take an examination of oneself, long-range education graduate goes to this center to get by obtain employment agreement report for duty card is dealt with report for duty, settle and farming turn blame formalities.

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