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Obtain employment of graduate of old technical secondary school of orchid brook
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1, old technical secondary school is graduate by diploma or send card to communicate a center to deal with formalities of human affairs representative to city qualified personnel.
2, graduate of him archives brief of a case sends branch, graduate to be in newly school or oneself are entrusted directly in the center.
3, need additionally to fulfil registered permanent residence the collective that communicates a center in the talent door graduate, should carry registered permanent residence migratory card, id, black and white big one very little photograph two pieces, with talent communication the center is signed " book of contract of human affairs representative " , " book of contract of government of collective registered permanent residence " .
4, after contract bookmark is ordered, issue according to talent communication center " implement recommendation of registered permanent residence " to Lan Jiang police station deals with settle formalities, answer at the same time will " registration form of registered permanent residence " file of center of communication of qualified personnel of feedback deliver city.
5, human affairs representative expends 180 yuan / year (archives administration fee 60 yuan / year) , graduate of old technical secondary school is in first two years, human affairs representative and archives are mandatory avoid completely, the fee that wants relationship of acting census register presses 120 yuan / year collection.

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