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10 words that cannot say absolutely when to apply for a job
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1, be late when interview, and because others points to a fault,saying oneself are late is direction.

2, raunchy perhaps wear outfit is inappropriate. Sitting position is slack, do not maintain good look contact with the person that manages interview.

3, missay other.

4, can not rise the demand connection of oneself ability and employer. Boast oneself have much travel, but corresponding without row adduce however achievement serves as a proof.

5, the focus that the answer did not make clear, conversation did not organize a gender, think of where respecting where.

6, do not show enthusiasm, the hope gets this job or also looking to go out is the job that applies for to place is shown " gamble " passion.

7, use to most query brief " Yes " or " No " will reply or be the answer that give out had carried on the back beforehand, but the certain part that the answer forgot when the answer.

8, breathe out continuously the name that manages interview person or the name him make a mistake.

9, ask such question: "I how? Do you plan service I? " or ask when others " you have any problems " when, reply " not " .

10, when interview is about to begin, truly ponders the ground to blurt out such word: "I want to should earn 3000 yuan at least, hope this job can give me this number at least.