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How does disposition wood slow show itself when interview?
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Does Mu Ne's individual character let you often eat shrivelled when interview? Beforehand thinks adequately with preparation, genuine in order to be opposite, can let you show itself certainly!
A lot of youths actually capable, work dependable, do not be good at expressing oneself opinion however, as a result at interview, always gain the favour of official of be in charge of an examination hard. As evil as its fill oneself eloquence, be inferior to thinking thoroughly first, the job that wants be recruited after all comfortable do not suit oneself.
Everybody has the distinguishing feature that belongs to his, what wood slows is idiosyncratic defect is on certain work, but make a good point possibly however to certain work. Mu Ne's person should search accept, admire Mu Ne's quality work or company even, the nature that should carry oneself on the back in the future otherwise works, actually more painful.
Restatement key, fill strong eloquence inferior position
Oneself understand first when applying for a job, the job that the lock suits surely, not only the chance that can increase to be employed, to the individual character is OKer happy working, develop a strong point adequately.
But between interview, mu Ne's be recruited person often because face a reaction slow, the answer must fumble or not know what is said, and be on inferior position. The be recruited that I suggest wood slows person the problem that should emulate interview to be enquired constantly more, appear when formal interview when similar theme, can do by easy stages answer.
Even if come up against pass without precondition, the title that has thought, still a few little skill can use:
1. restatements the problem of the other side. The acknowledge that affirms oneself is correct, can prevent the awkward situation that give an irrelevant answer.
2. is affirmative advocate the question that government-owned take an examination ofing raises is a very good, problem that has depth, explain to the other side " for can complete the idea that presents oneself, the hope can have time to think " .
A method that lists type can be used when 3. thinks, recall the focal point of the answer, after answering an end, again with the means of the row restatements the key of the answer.
4. prepares relevant document, timely when interview take compensatory, proof. If do the project report that pass, look forward to to draw a book before, besides reinforce conviction, still can show oneself to work program, systimatic one side.
5. appears when situation problem when, must not flurried. A lot of problems do not have right answer actually, official of be in charge of an examination thinks those who know is your idea and reason actually quite, and your reflection is logistic.
6. is OK a paragraph of ego promotes precondition say decline. Enter end when interview, if some advantages return the word that expresses without the opportunity, can express actively to official of be in charge of an examination " I think some things to let you understand more, do not know to you can deny me do 2 ~ try 3 minutes to explain? " , use the time that strives for next, sell oneself.
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