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Apply for post of interview civil service to note 3 great secret of success clos
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Technology kind the assessment that post takes pair of skill seriously, and apply for civil service kind post, the key should show the individual charm that gives his and integrated quality adequately in interview.

Above all, interview person must face official of be in charge of an examination with good state of mind, accomplish complaisant, neither haughty nor humble. Civil service kind personnel should have affinity, can undertake good communication with other, should avoid mood wave motion in interview so, move toward two extremes: It is blind and self-abased, be afraid that the answer became wrong by person jest, then be overcautious, dare not express a point of view carefreely; Another kind is blind self-confidence, not take an examination of Guan Fang to be in the eye, feel the other side is inferior to him. To apply for a job person should establish correct state of mind: The purpose of interview is to pass competitive seek profession, not be to official of be in charge of an examination beg works; And the purpose that takes an examination of an official is to select outstanding talented person, enhance company competition ability. To apply for a job person and take an examination of an official nonexistent contrary relation, because this best expression is smooth,inspect the other side, rational to have a red-letter day, let the other side believe, after you enter a company capable to get along with colleague harmony.

The 2nd, interview person the interview that should notice oneself is formal. The nonmilitary personnel's figure is the window of the company, appearance should be achieved when interview easy, behavior is decent. Dress avant-courier, thick outfit admires meeting to take an examination of an official stay not the impression of beautiful, the male leaves long hair to wait do sth unconventional or unorthodox dress up should avoid stoutly more. Enter hind, do not appear as far as possible shake a leg, play a pen, feel petty action of first class of head, loll, this gives official of be in charge of an examination easily not immature, grave sense.

The 3rd, civil service post needs very strong language to convey ability, the content that special attention talks, mood and show good faith want when interview. Idea of talking confused, language is not clear, can let a person feel to cannot take on to hold the post of greatly; Although speech is pleasant, but sincerity of gewgaw, lack, also can let a person produce distrust move. Generally speaking, those who study result of the person that the key that the official evaluates does not depend on to apply for a job is correct, and depend on argumentation whether can making a person be convinced. Accordingly, when answering a question, do not undertake simple affirmation or deny, want differentiate testimony analysis, reply from two sides of positive and negative, even logistic rigor, thinking is clear at the same time. After taking an examination of an official to raise a question, need not be eager to replying, make thinking reopen mouth slightly. The theme of the question that place of official of even if take an examination ofing raises and your advance preparation is very similar, when also wanting to just fell in one's voice in speech of the other side instantly answering question, take an examination of an official to be able to feel you do not have intention answering question otherwise, just carrying the answer with good precondition on the back.
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