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Duty field new personality: Score 8 secret of success of interview opportunity
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See some classmates are anxious recently how to find exercitation opportunity? Him smallish feeling, want to be shared with everybody so.

When just beginning to want to look for an exercitation, very may much person can have this kind of feeling generally, from where does exercitation opportunity search? On the net? Postern? Friend? Begin to think next, the friend that oneself know is not much, also be restricted only in major, and they also were not found, friend affirmation is so hopeless. Postern, do not know even the door where to be, still talk about what back door. Want to go presumably, that goes on the net.

The net sends need resume, when writing resume, discover him GPA is not tall, cannot upgrade is written; Student union mass organizations, these organizations that feel disgusted in university period look now, have always compare had done not have; Fellowship, need not talk.

Good not easy resume has been written, pitching went, the first day past, go the following day, always pay close attention to oneself phone, always think the phone put aside Jing Yin, went till half month, still hold only a few illusions to this company. Such move back and forth, discover N seals mail disappear forever, have go notting have time...

A little I encounter the situation above, my classmate comes up against some, in what look for an exercitation perhaps you can have this kind of feeling more or less, how should be we faced then?

1) manner the first

Does the manner that you look for an exercitation have many after all determined? Whether do you need a field trip very much really after all? This is most the most important, because of if the manner is insufficient determined word, insist very likely to be less than the last moment. Be in especially experienced at the beginning after a certain number of second failure, whether do you still have courage and perseverance to cast Email, go be ceaseless above Bbs, Yingjiesheng the information of to apply for a job of thumb through company. I have a very good fellow student, the word that uses him himself says, before the university 3 years, be in all the time mix, but this semester at the beginning, he is thinking such going down, when applying for a job, be no good for certain, so he begins in semester with respect to establish the idea of the exercitation, one up-to-date, took the Offer of a company, still calculate satisfaction basically. Inside this semester, the mail that says less to had cast 40 or so (of course, more than this person has a plenty of) , but can insist to come down all the time, below the circumstance that did not write back all the time in front especially, can perserve, the think of a way that did not surely win is not made.

2) is active and active

This is nodded and the a bitth supplement each other. You want a field trip on the manner above all, so fall to act really, yourself can rise actively. The information of your whether active to apply for a job that where goes searching on the net is the fastest? The your whether active Bbs face classics that goes which school looking for is the most complete? Cast besides the net, whether are you active had sought other method to find an exercitation? The your whether active issue that goes planning interview? The your whether active experience that goes summing up interview? Be in fine calm, because leave the urban district far, lesson is heavy, conflicted with other issue, the company is bad, estimate interview also possibility of it doesn't matter, so you abandon this interview. (If you want an exercitation opportunity really, so above all problems are not a problem) basically, with respect to the basis the experience that the person looks all round me, the energy that place of your to apply for a job spends and your result finally still has bigger concern. Other do not talk, when sheet watchs interview, what a person behaves is active and some more active, what a person behaves is general, if you are a boss,you say, pay same salary, who are you willing to want more?
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