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Famous HR helps you solve interview of to apply for a job and duty field to get
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Editor's note: Season of annual invite applications for a job if period and to, probably you just just begin to seek an opportunity, face not know what to do of huge information of invite applications for a job; Probably you already pitching oneself resume, awaiting the announcement of interview anxiously; Probably you already the hand grasps a few employ to inform, in be being chosen...

For this, we know expert of celebrity power natural resources you solve the doubt in the heart. They will are with their be in an industry exemple introduce the issue that in to apply for a job, interview and duty field 3 phase need to face to you.

   To apply for a job piece:

   Q1: Coil up defends  rice of Gou  which over sixty years of age dries up smile of  of lax of pa of Sui food container is climbed about exhausted


From the point of present society, the student had the opportunity of increasing choice, had chosen when going to school at the beginning henceforth the road of choose course of study, had more specific target. And what acquire in university campus is method of a kind of study and thinking means, this is one transfers by what the school enters a society process.

If plan university graduates, enter duty field, take no account of take advanced courses further, live 4 years in the university in, besides learning foundation, special training course, need to contact a society more more. The country also supports more and more go jackarooing in school student, encourage a student to contact a society more; The student can use holiday to enter exercitation of a few companies selectively. What capability needs in can know the work, 2 will can accumulate natural resources of a few societies, abound the resume when him to apply for a job. Company of a few reputable can be entered to jackaroo during the university, to to apply for a job person the improve function of individual competition ability, a no less than formal jobs.

Additional, some enterprises also can have project of a few exercitations together with the school, enterprise and student have more opportunity understand one another. Swedish hill is for instance special the group meets Weikeji to cooperate with a few schools, offerred opportunity of a few exercitations, among them a lot of people are able to enter the enterprise of this world-class to work directly after graduation.

Accordingly, the society during the university is carried out is the main chance that grow to the student.

   Q2: Urgent blessing of male ┳ of dirty fawn on of  of Ping of target of  of pa of food container of Gou  


Present enterprise hopes to find the stuff that has working experience, such employee is familiar with working environment more, more can apace throws the job, and the contact of they and society is more, know oneself fixed position and cause.

The case that a lot of students just were beginning meeting him ground establishs a few goals, perhaps reached very quickly inside expectant time, perhaps want than expectant time a few later, can mix according to oneself actual condition so objective reason edits ceaselessly next plan, establish new target. Accordingly, establishing the goal that fits oneself is crucial. The undergraduate needs to understand his to want to do above all what and what can do,
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