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Discuss the mastery of a skill or technique that you and person get along
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If interview official must the mainest mastery of a skill or technique of winkle applicant, they may choose the skill of human relation. Unless you are the job in the does not have even the phone room that closes in, don't have environment of this kind of work at all -- a few kinds of works that do not need to cooperate with anybody absolutely can you speak? Accordingly, you need to have outstanding human association technical ability, had handled the relation with colleague, client, client and supplier.

Have a few special professions, resemble the member that sell, you may need excellent expressive ability and negotiation skill. But, the problem of this one part and everybody be closely bound up.

   You like sole job or work together with the group?

Most company takes the skill that the group cooperates seriously very much. But at the same time, also do not allude interview official to you hope not at all or cannot hold the position of the work that needs you to be finished alone.

The answer with this problem all-purpose neither one, how do you answer this problem to want to see the property of this job. The time that spend a dot thinks this job needs you to use how long and group cooperation, need how long to work alone again.

Dr. Si Beierbin confirms Mo Ruidi of theory of part of group of shellfish Er guest when most person joins a group to work, meet one of making 9 kinds of kinds. Very simple, these 9 kinds of types are:

Nickname for Wu Yong (Plant) : Can the person of to table a proposal. Someone else can think these proposals are very creative with imagination.

The member that coordinate (Co  Ordinator) : Be good at drive and the person that organize another person.

Supervisor (MonitorEvaluator) : Acumen of head of this kind of poll, be good at carrying the defect of others viewpoint.

Completist (CompleterFinisher) : This kind of person is serious and responsible, be good at considering detail, can finish the job as scheduled.

Doer (Implementer) : This kind of person is good at paying Zhu Shi carry out punch-drunk think of a way.

Diplomat (ResourceInvestigator) : This kind of person sociability, have the social net of wide extensive, can borrow this discusses and arouse new think of a way.

Impeller (Shaper) : Hut orders  chooses a  of new moon of Yun of  of dredge of hut bright Kong

The person that condense (TeamWorker) : Collaboration person, they are good at listening attentively to, be willing to finish distributive job together with others.

Expert (Specialist) : It is normally wholeheartedly person, can provide the technical technical ability that others does not have and knowledge.

This classification is in business circles already from mouth to mouth. But if you want to talk about you to attribute kind of part of which kinds of group, should resemble above all (add) below ask interview the official so, are you familiar with theory of part of group of shellfish Er guest? In order to affirm whether interview official is familiar with this kind of classification.
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