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Duty field hits go all out: Sophisticate of cole bird VS
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For the duty field new personality to just walking out of campus, interview is the first have a contest that enters duty field all corners of the country. Whether by employ, unripe kill authority to master in those " sophisticate " in interview officer hand. In two people in face-to-face battle of wits, the interview official of battle-scarred often can use a chilly ask a question, or the note that uses suspicion, acerb, come straight to the point, make your psychology line of defence greatly beat a precipitate retreat... so, duty field " cole bird " how ability becomes interview Guan Xinzhong " NO.1 " ?

A bit more low-key just succeed

Cocoa studies abroad from Canada homecoming, correspondence hires a foreign enterprise not at all fear. She thinks him English spoken language is fluent, professional knowledge learns lucidly, there still is diploma of a piece of bronzing in the hand -- lukewarm Ge Huaying belongs to Colombian university. So, the cocoa when interview appears very self-confident, if answer flows. Look reach, interview official is very satisfactory to cocoa. Near end, she thinks interview official announces her pass a test for certain, who knows interview official to take resume suddenly, the solilo-quize read aloud to rise, see tell suddenly when university officer name: "Wengehua has two better universities, of the seaside British the university of Xi Menfei Sha on Colombian university and hill... "

In cocoa heart particularly glad, because she is right two universities are very familiar, then she begins to deliver a speech glibly, express blindly actually " on hill " that place talking actual strength, mix by asset British Colombian university does not have a law to compare, the graduate that comes out there is bad to apply for a job, because integrated capacity is insufficient... when the face that sees interview official when cocoa becomes livid, she already was redeemed without the opportunity. After the event asks present staff member ability knows, interview official is graduate of that college on hill, also be returned to enter by cocoa " integrated capability is not quite strong " category.

Alarm bell reminds: Although the school has the branch of actor bad, but renown school graduates and do not mean ability strong. If you are a school graduate, also do not take casually compare with others, interview official nature is met balance. Resemble cocoa such, just bump " south wall " if, very regrettablly. When explaining professional knowledge can eloquent, other place wants low-key place, lest others feels you too make public. Still have do not do the sort of business that damages others him drive up, can let interview official feel your bearing has a problem otherwise.

Bear temporarily calm

Be called by the friend at ordinary times " mad girl " peach, interview was worn especially that day profession, still cut neat ear bingle, peremptory " fair maiden " . When interview has an in part, interview official says to peach, the article of our company invite applications for a job member most and organic meeting faces a foreign trader, foreigner very take a fancy to you to whether be met masked, feel you do not respect him otherwise. Ground of peach surface reverent and respectful is listening, become very happy however in the heart. Say when interview official, she puts the portfolio that carries to desk, eye of official of the interview after opening looks straight -- inside the cosmetic full of beautiful things in eyes such as colour of eye shadow, lip, after peach prepares interview to end, this goes to bar recreation using with the friend, send unexpectedly went up use. After interview official was stupefied, the cosmetic of the peach since earnest ground judge is too too much, colourful, lost the elegant demeanour of professional female. Peach listens to half fury to already emerged mind, she feels interview official is impassable with oneself clearly, she instantly strike the table and case: "You talk too bully a person, this also is no good that also is no good with respect to leave it at that, don't I have a law to live without this job? " interview official also stamps with fury, said instantly " Out " !
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