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Test: Can your interview succeed
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A big company published the information of invite applications for a job, statement be recruited person must wear business suit. When be recruited person the office that one is introduced to do not have any domestic all when heading for this company interview. The official of be in charge of an examination that holds the position of interview at that time is only corresponding the person that ask for said a word: Hang business suit on clothes tree, sit please. If you are be recruited person, how should you do?

Duty field checks

A, prim station is in aside, the person that waiting for interview all the time makes a telephone call

The person that very B, polite ground follows interview says: I am sorry, gentleman, this does not have clothes tree and chair

Bravely blunt ground speaks out: But here does not have clothes tree and chair

D, walk out of the office, go looking for a clothes tree and chair.

The answer:

A: Have adaptability, do not make breathtaking speech, but leadership is poorer, suit the mechanical sex such as computation, guard to work only.

B: Reaction method and other people are different, can point out the unreasonable requirement of the other side, but the position that also considers the other side at the same time, belong to develop model leadership person with ability.

C: Have promote talent actively, disposition is tough, be brave in to challenge. Suit to become clerk and salesman.

D: Your reaction is very special, utterance and behavior are in the times is foremost upright.