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The growing influence of Jinhua Talent Network
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Reporters from the city personnel exchange center (city talent market) understand that, by the Center to create and manage content network clicks Jinhua talent surpassed 1,000 million, becoming the most influential people in the province websites.
According to the city personnel exchange center person in charge of marketing, Jinhua Talent Network is a professional talent in our city website, officially opened in 1999. Personnel has conducted a number of CAPE through revision, and constantly improve, and with the talent around the site outside the province were Link, and its daily hits a day from dozens of people to the current 1.5 million. The site in January this year, from 1 to 8 hits over 3.5 million passengers, the daily average of 1.5 million visits, of which more than 40% of visitors to other provinces and cities staff. After years of business development, Jinhua Talent Network has become the most complete professional websites.
Last May, in order to meet the city's first online exchange of human resources at the General Assembly, Jinhua Talent Talent Network launched a new employment system. After a year of operation, Jinhua pool of talent network's online resume has more than 40,000 copies, more than 700 recruiters, forming a large-scale online recruitment market.
Recruitment has access to information as large, wide coverage, functional, convenient and low cost advantages of recruiting, so more and more employers choose to recruit talent available online information, find the right talent. Meanwhile, the city of Jinhua Talent Network talent market as the basis, the first site to publish the talent market demand for the recruitment of units of units of information and commissioned by the recruitment needs of information seekers to obtain jobs as an important source of information. Talent Network job seekers log on to the city after the employer can check the latest demand information. In addition, Jinhua talent network and professional network around the city outside the province to establish a long-term relationship, has become a new way to introduce talent in our city.
Another report, a sub-site Jinhua News Network, a professional executive search services in the senior personnel executive search Web site Jinhua --- also will soon launch.