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There are new moves Jinhua Talent Network
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Jinhua Talent Network has launched the "A of the" services section, personnel exchange center when you do not know when the services or other difficulties or doubts, you can enter the "A of the" center administrators and personnel exchanges, administrator will be the first time for you to answer questions. On the current situation, set up in just more than 10 days, the administrator has logged number of ten persons to resolve the relevant questions, and achieved good results.
It is understood, Jinhua Talent Network since its inception, due to large amount of information coverage, functional, convenient, and other advantages by the majority of job seekers and employers in our city's favor. Exceeded 500 million passengers last year, the annual visits, this year again Jinhua talent network layout has been adjusted to enhance the service function, in addition to the relevant service section launch, but also increased the job search page section, to solve for jobs more difficult for job seekers query problems.