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Jinhua Talent Network visited a new high
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Not long ago, IResearch released a "2006 China Online job demand in the report" shows, the network job has become one of the main job, more than half of job seekers that the online recruitment allow ourselves to find a job. This situation contributed to the prosperity of the major job sites.

As the official site Jinhua Talent Talent Network, visited last year after the million mark the first time this year, a record high. So far, the site was visited nearly 13 million passengers. At the same time, the units to participate in online recruitment to the higher percentage increase every year and every year the number of people online register more than a thousand people from the initial growth of nearly 3 million people.
City Personnel Exchange Center, the official told reporters that the city started in 2001 from the online recruitment, the development momentum of fairly rapid. From the current situation, online recruitment has been supplemented from the traditional recruitment methods as an essential recruitment model enterprises and institutions to effectively promote the city's human resources in a market environment in the integration and configuration.
Overall, mostly concentrated in the network job seekers aged 20 to 30 years old, and in recent years mainly college graduates. According to statistics, the network job seekers under the age of 30 up to 93%, with a college education accounted for 72%. Although the young man is not fully qualified for some of the work experience requirements of higher management and technical positions, but after aggressive enough, learning and ability, and enterprises have a considerable degree of acceptance.
According to the network structure of job seekers, reporters found that the proportion of job seekers outside the province is gradually increased. City personnel exchange center's statistics show that in 2001, only 10% of job seekers outside the province last year, this ratio to 40% this year, is one stroke beyond the number of registered local talent to reach 53%. Meanwhile, the trend of brain drain is also slowing down. Job seekers want to work from a network of regional terms, the work hope to other provinces increased from the initial 10% to the current 1%. City personnel exchange center official said that in recent years the city's rapid economic development, employment and environment is getting good, it attracts more and more provinces and cities outside talent.
Direction in the job, network job seekers tend to marketing, clerical, and computer three positions. From 2003 to the present, although the change between the sort, but the number three position in the network has been ranked the top three job-seekers. The industry believes that Wen Zhilei post popular, mainly due to increase in the proportion of women job-seekers network's sake. The online recruitment market in the city, women hold up half of the job gradually, the proportion of 15% from 2001 to the current 41% growth. Compared to other industries, women job seekers in the office apparently more willing to civilian work. And machinery, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing type of technical jobs also demand a considerable talent, but the very top positions on the list of network needs, both supply and demand still exist some contradictions in industry structure.