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Duty field: "Choice " should compare " ability " important still - news informat
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Feng Yang and Chen Liang are same batch took company of A of enterprise of large home appliance. A few years short hind, the development of two people became great difference however. Chen Liang has done poineering work successful, a when made building materials trade top class groom master, and the advisory adviser of enterprise of many famous building materials, the government that had oneself consults a company; And the small promotion manager of enterprise of Feng Yang or some small home appliance, although own job also works very outstandingly, but the whole because of home appliance industry is stagnant, increasing home appliance trade again is the talent collects the ground, feng is so in relief very go up in post hard " dash forward class " come out!

Why same batch of colleagues that enter same home business, and have same capacity, had two different results however. Its reason selected namely each other future develops, although each other ability is about the same, but does the result have however very big different?

When Chen Liang leaves KL company, have several industries choice, it is home appliance industry; 2 it is automobile industry; 3 it is building materials industry. Dan Chenliang chose building materials profession finally, why can its have this kind of idea at that time, main it is very mature that its consider building materials industry is not, have more opportunities, besides is not maturity industry this kind, sale ace is less also, get a chance very easily also so, come out oneself energy play adequately, create greater value thereby; Next, chen Liang considers the product of building materials industry, lie guide period, accompanying the development of the industry so, future affirms from development foreground of oneself cannot set limit to, because professional person is OK,accompanying a trade develop and develop. In the meantime, this kind grows model industry, greater to was not obtained opportunity is more, so Chen Liang is in a well-known building materials company, after doing middle-level sale cadre from function manager, use oneself " know this " concern with the person arteries and veins in circle, begin to do poineering work, scored a success quickly, become a of building materials industry to groom top classly thereby division and popular sale adviser.

When Feng Yang leaves A company, thinking still stays in home appliance industry to undertake wandering. After the course is cogitative, accepted enterprise of a famous small home appliance to extend projecting olive branch. Although Feng Yang chooses finally, transfer from big home appliance small home appliance, its also think this is last cheese of home appliance industry, also was certain these last opportunity, but home appliance industry " the setting sun is smooth " however illuminate is worn him. Feng Yang joins in enterprise of this small home appliance takes up the post of market department to popularize a manager, inside a few years, feng Yang built promotion for enterprise compose not only system, engineer much field influential in the industry activity, also win company and industry approbate. But these promotion work, rise quite the big setting of harsh environment issues home appliance, the outcome that changes finally appears very cadaverous. Because home appliance terminal sells the conformity of the conformity of field and channel agent, the rapid development of enterprise of suppress small home appliance, so the promotion job of this world of some moment Feng cannot have too much effect. The directest result, it is company sale grows every year relatively slow, from the point of individual business level, feng Yang created value, but in the sale the condition with overall bad result falls, bringing Feng Yang return rate so always is endless flexibly, these reasons restricted Feng Yang's development not only, and let its wander in odd group here. When nowadays Feng this world should choose a company afresh, before be oneself again a few years pay, be about Fu water east flu arrives regretful, so Feng Yang is in a dilemma!
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