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Duty field avoids gossip 5 old standard - news information
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the office worker to much, to the job the mood affects the largest issue in the office, nothing is more... than hears what concern with oneself " the Eight Diagrams " . Some people listened to laugh, some people are the uneasiness in this heart however, neurasthenic even all night difficult Mian. So in the office the easiest by gossip some of what person is knockdown? Not self-confident person: Because lack confidence to oneself, can mind the assessment of others overly, do a few things that do not wish to do originally to maintain image possibly even. For instance, you are reading a book, people should go shopping. If you do not go, people can say " you how so diligent ah! " you to be by denounce " diligent " , went accordingly likely. Such person has hasten to be the same as state of mind, afraid " extraordinary " be a mistake, fear " extraordinary " can debase. When such person encounters difficulty, blame oneself easily. Encounter gossip, his meeting him ascribe whether too exceed what is proper, and do not think of the reason that is other.

Longing promotes the person of duty: Such person can develop the individual cent to be long-term goal and near future interest, to achieve long-term goal, often not hesitate sacrifice oneself current interest. For instance, to maintain image, the person with a broad official career may put an end to red scent to show as far as possible. Abound the cost in the career of profession of their habit computation of calculation and accrual, make a choice from this. Such person often can maintain public image of the modest self-disciplined gentleman, but once their calculation by person detection, gossip also subsequently and come.

Gossip stops Yu Zhi person

For outstanding to achievement office employee, hard to avoid can invite gossip the upper part of the body, because,this is outstanding with commonplace very closely associated with each other, photograph companion is unripe, outstanding person total hard to avoid suffers much commonplace person hit and elbow out, and gossip is commonplace person one of customary device type, try get effective, time-tested. So how to deal with office gossip leisurely?

1, keep calm. Avoid by all means stamps with fury before gossip, roughhouse, meet only in that way at job of no help, instead leaves to boss when anything crops up the bad impression with impatient, composed lack. Gossip is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors definitely, static next hearts will seek source, seek settlement way. Write down sincerely, keep smile, sober before gossip treat, should compare rain of tear of in deep sorrow torrential be close friends more.

2, seek support. Laugh at convection character alone, though showed humanness is magnanimous at the same time, but can let oneself be immersed in after all isolated the condition that does not have aid. Hit out actively, seek support, those who strive for great majority is affined, just be the path of complete conquer gossip. What need points out is, besides active and active outside seeking ranking support, seek downward it is very important also to assist. Boss belongs to an opinion to be reference under total before gossip meeting, subordinate opinion goes to one Yan Jiuding's effect since the meeting sometimes.
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