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Professional career each phase, what should you do
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The professional career of a person, perforative lifetime, it is a lengthy process. Differentiate its scientificly for different level, make clear the feature of every phase and task, make good program, to pursueing oneself profession better, achieve the life goal of establish, very important.

How does professional career level differentiate, expert scholar has each country to differentiate differently theory and method, basically can divide differentiate to press age administrative levels, differentiate by professional administrative levels and differentiate by administrative administrative levels 3 sort. The Luo Shuangping of deputy researcher of institute of science of human affairs talent that our country is engaged in professional career planning to consider thinks: It is a basis with the age, compare 10 every years as a phase appropriate, namely 20 years old are a phase to 30 years old, 30 years old are a phase to 40 years old, ordinal analogize. Our everybody should experience these a few level, so what should you do now? Luo Shuangping talked about his view, offer reader friend reference.

20 years old come 30 years old: Had taken the first step

The main feature of this one phase, be be on working station from the school, it is the starting point that life career grows. How to start, matter to the success or failure henceforth directly.

One of main tasks of this one phase, choose a profession namely. On the basis that becoming good ego analysis and analysis of environment of inside and outside adequately, the choice suits his profession, set life aim, make life plan. Another the task, want to establish oneself good figure namely. The youth enters professional world, expression how, great to development influence of future. Some youths, the undergraduate that just graduated especially, always think oneself have knowledge, literate, to the unit working hind disdains to do odd petty thing, cannot leave good impression to work in the same placing, this pair of development of a youth, can saying is a crisis. Still have a main job, want to insist to learn namely. Consider to discover according to Japanese scientist, the knowledge that place of person lifetime work requires, 90% be the study after the job. This data enough shows the value that after having a job, learns.

30 years old come 40 years old: Cannot ignore edit target

This period is one individual elegance and talent luxuriant when, it is to show oneself adequately ability, obtain when rising, career gets developing quickly. Right now task, try hard except work energetically, show ability, extend a career beyond, to a lot of people, still one adjusts a profession, edit the task of the target. The person arrives many years old 30, ought to be opposite oneself, the understanding with had clearer to the environment. Whether does the life aim with the career course that has a look at choice of the profession that oneself choose, place, definite place accord with reality, if have discrepancy, answer to be adjusted as soon as possible.
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