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How correct do life to plan
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20 years old before, major person is identical, enter a higher school reads enter a higher school reads. . . , build him base. In parental friend, influence of viewpoint of value reachs the society to be hit by accident basic education is finished below the circumstance that bumps by accident.

The choice reads, should at a dash, the industry had be notted enter in you when, can read much taller much taller, when to enter an industry after all, you are a society new person.

But once you had had working experience and intentional attend in a advanced studies, of course conduit is very much, struggle relatively much also.

Because don't you tell present age, condition, qualifications and record of service... go doing attend in a advanced studies again is such investment worth while?

If, you are maintained all one's life should become office worker, record of formal schooling is very important to believing you, otherwise, time is valuable, not allow to make you again go wrong.

20~25 year old, you should be known master the future with him program, deciding is one does not have regret do not put in a road 's charge.

Just got legal Fu Yu a variety of your influence, opposite the obligation that you should use up you reachs what study faces liability to assume.

At that time you, it is joyance, contradiction and anguish are at war, joyance comes from be gifted at beginning a few own advantageous position, contradiction comes from concern at cutting ceaseless umbilical cord with parents, painful is to begin to want to try a mistake.

You should begin to plan for your future, like enter a higher school, obtain employment, feeling... him recapture is right of life advocate control right, and rather than suffers what person left and right sides affects to sway all the time oneself future.

[learn human relation, know active friend more, the backbone that these friends after 10 years will be an industry]

25~30 year old, you resemble a sponge, absorb hard also be compressed readily, those who be is ego only grow.

At that time you, should be working orientaton, pay pay. Preferment relegation you should be to haggle over every ounce. Because try hard to pay only, opposite you just dare be striven for actively, the motivation of new person should let the society a day that you pour oneself, also because do not have experience, do not know a setback so.

Because resource is not much, so all do what one can, listen to destiny. Present you: The pay of the others that get, learn the experience of others, pay oneself youth, the future that proposes him form.

[the society accumulates experience, contact an opportunity, the guide and support of good teacher and helpful friend is the big edge tool that promotes you to grow more]
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