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Provide deceit most vocabulary of colorific duty field
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1, sincere hire person of outstanding ability

"Sincere hire person of outstanding ability " , " enrol Na Xianshi " , " invite sincerely join in " ... see these pattern language of 100 invite applications for a job, much richer sincerity, make a person enchanted more, especially the broad students that instantly suffers obtain employment pressure, does the how could after looking let off this 1000 good chance that carry? Inevitable meeting of leave no stone unturned go bend affection at these inviting " olive " , however, ideal and reality often are incompatible, when you by these the moment of character place deceptive of sincerity, also perhaps did not become aware even yourself, you to in cold blood the fraud of plan is in draw close stage by stage. Nowadays has a lot of enterprises not to have the meaning of invite applications for a job originally, and hit however unluckily a few " hang sheepskin, flesh selling a dog " the inviting fascia of type, its intent no more than has two kinds: It is advertisement effect; 2 it is strategy of accumulate wealth by unfair means. Below the external environment that at present resource of our country talent begs for be more than, use this low strategy, to oneself of enterprise of invite applications for a job, the flower is added on Yu Jin of as good as; And the to apply for a job to jail of broad and deep-set competition person, frost is added on Yu Xue of as good as.

2, raise wage

Work through honesty, go ceaseless acquisition of pay pay rise accordingly, this nature is the thing that each laborer place are happy to accept, however, the plan that regards salary as pay square -- enterprise, their expression often can work with the sincerity of employee however form a kind of bright portraiture. Nowadays has a few enterprises to always like to call a such as " raise employee wage " the catchword that waits for the act vigorously that urge a person to take form, come with this incentive employee, improve beneficial result, give the dignity of a kind of normal company and figure to common people declare publicly, with one action of true it may be said is gotten more also. Nevertheless, if catchword thinks translate into reality, still require a process, and as the enterprise, perfect depict this process, make this process richer a kind of intense imagination is about to mix a kind of persistent expectation desire, make the aesthetic feeling that a kind of distance produces forever between ideal and reality.

3, speak out freely

When attend a meeting, the leader often loves to say on one " everybody speak out freely " , it is this reads the speech that seems openness to communicate however, can let employee generate the panic of a kind of psychology and worry instead. Actually, appear in modern office field this kind of intense contrast psychology is strange, and the leader itself that decides the just that psychology of this one contrast moves toward is an enterprise. Now, have a lot of leaders to establish the controller wind with good ego model, those who not hesitate hard go fostering oneself " performance " endowment, do one's best " play " sing dripping wet is vivid, faultlessly be too busy. But regretful is, duty field is not equal however at play field, act in a play can show perfect charm with luxuriant prop, and the camouflage that conducts oneself in society to cannot use person of attack by surprise however goes the gully of heart of block act the role ofing. Be here so, the author wants to offer a piece of advice all fair, hear this when you full of when the clew of warm flavour, must see the true face of clear controller, if leader is Tang Taizong, you but the Kingdom of Wei of follow the lead of is asked for; If leader is king of business name of the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty reputedly a tyrant, you not can want to compare dry Oh!
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