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Pressure affects quality of life of duty field personage greatly
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It is reported, as social development more and more duty field personages state actuating pressure has begun to affect life position. Invite applications for a job of basis wisdom couplet bears to the pressure of duty field personage state investigation shows, person of field of duty of close half the number thinks he is current pressure is greater, people of 4 the field that become job think he bear at present pressure is general.

Finance slants from pressure of trade public figure big

Disparate industry is cognitive to the ego of pressure circumstance each are not identical, in be judged to the ego of pressure, finance / bank / investment / fund / negotiable securities / the scale that the duty field person of insurance industry thinks pressure is great is top, exceeded 6 to become. It is car, advertisement next / can exhibit / public relations / the market / media / publish and medicine.

Proportion of person of middleaged duty field is high

Look from the age, 35 years old, person of middleaged duty field thinks to bear oneself the proportion with larger pressure is highest. Visible, the person arrives middleaged, no matter be on the job or life, no matter be on economy or spirit,bearing greater pressure. In recent years, of duty field person inferior healthy state makes a person anxious, especially the trend that a lot of serious illness for years to be changed gently, the health of middleaged person is faced with duty field bigger challenge.

Income is higher pressure is greater

From the point of income, income and pressure concern into direct ratio, the person with higher income thinks the individual bears more the proportion that presses muscularity is higher. To the duty field person of 6000 yuan of above, think oneself are current the proportion with larger pressure exceeded 60% , nearly 10 taller than overall level per cent, the scale that thinks to the duty field person of 8000 yuan of above pressure is greater increases further, achieved near 63% . Pressure of duty field competition is at present greater, the working content that assumes normally as the addition of income and responsibility also increase apparently, should note pressure more because of this good-paying group release, do not overdraw more healthy and gain income.

Pressure origin each are not identical

As we have learned, the duty field person that exceeds 9 to become is bearing at present the pressure of certain level, but the origin of pressure each are not identical. The duty field person that exceeds two to become thinks his pressure comes from always can encounter in the job new relatively scabrous problem, need learns ceaselessly.

Next about 17% duty field people of the left and right sides are to stem from individual reason, taller to oneself requirement, brought to bear on to compare great pressure to oneself. The pressure of the duty field that still respectively 12% is control comes from at workload or the slashing requirement that are a boss. Visible, the pressure origin of duty field person each are not identical.
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