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Professional program division: The talent of 21 centuries " beautician "
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Use " the world does not have a thief " in a classical dialogue: "21 centuries, what is the most important? Talent! " really, 21 centuries, the talent's value was mentioned by people a brand-new height. And discover a talent, create a handsome appearance, the elite that portrays a talented person -- professional program division, be 21 centuries talent " makeup girl " and " beautician " .

because of this, the profession that this starts professional program division anew, with its giant market vacuum, attracting more and more person to devote into among them.

   The story of division of program of a profession

10 years ago, shi Jin is graduated from undergraduate course of major of law of college of a key of Shanghai city, next he has done lawyer assistant, counsel, law to seek advice in 6 years etc, gradually Shi Jin feels he is in lawyer the development of this group can be this appearance only, a lot of law case also have some of ability not equal to one's ambition, consideration a long time, he walked into profession of career of exposed to the sun to seek advice from an orgnaization, the hope makes a thorough analysis and check to oneself. After the profession of half many month refers last a period of time and planning to end, shi Jin feels very satisfactory. Not only such, his working content to professional program division was to be full of curiosity and interest more. This also is Shi Jin is attracted truly for the first time by some kind of occupational. As an eligible profession program division needs to have very professional skill knowledge not only, still need to be familiar with all trades and professions, master the first-hand information of professional market in time, have capacity of good analysis, check. These all is opposite is not small challenge for Shi Jin, also because of this, shi Jin was full of passion to this one profession.

Very fast, shi Jin attended (CCDM) the study of division of intermediate profession program, obtained qualificatory letter with achievement of outstanding complete a course, become country person with ability of in short supply industry of teachers training school of CCDM profession program.

After obtaining letter, shi Jin begins to apply for a job afresh, took a few Offer very quickly, union has legal major base already, shi Jin chose among them the position of manpower resource assistant director of a company. Be in advocate of course of study, shi Jin also suffers the profession is hired to seek advice from division outside inviting a profession to seek advice from an orgnaization to hold the position of. After a year, shi Jinsheng is the manpower resource ministry of the company to be in charge of, inside professional advisory course of study, he also begins little famous energy of life.

A lot of people are fond of at present if owner of office of professional program division values the market prospect of professional program division, get person respect, social class is high, and Gao Zhi high pay, redound is rich and generous, aid a person oneself while also can get ego is perfected. Shi Jin feels these are right, but to oneself, attract oneself truly deeply, it is this job lets him bring into contact with a lot of the butchers ability elite people, and organic meeting has development communication with its, with them medium a lot of people became a friend. The job of professional program division is enriched greatly and abounded Shi Jin's life, increased experience, promoted the self-restraint of the ply of life and oneself.
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