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How does HR manager plan professional career
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Constant somebody asks me: "How should HR manager plan oneself professional career? " I laugh: "Forgetting you above all is HR manager! " the husband that I helped a few be engaged in HR management for a long time working last year, make they manage the person that worker transition becomes the dominant of business and strategic job successfully from HR. The transition that what reason can make them so cheesy be after all?

I think, because,be they from forgetting his at the beginning is HR manager, and ponder an issue from beginning to end with the angle of business manager and general manager and thinking means, although ponder over meeting comparing so pure want from the work with routine work god-given much, but cerebrum is to use much gift will be nicer, only such ability let him follow to go up the pace of the times. Travel a hunderd li person, half at 90, if be him demarcate at the beginning in the limits of manpower resource, how can establish manpower resource program again according to the strategy of the enterprise, the job that how assures manpower resource branch and business development are synchronous, have strategic eye even and lay in manpower capital ahead of schedule for the development of the enterprise?

Be engaged in for a long time onefold, the person hard to avoid that flow sex works can lack innovation thinking, and the challenge with real manager of modern power natural resources depends on innovation ability and quick study ability. Innovation ability and quick study ability this is both between have super- constant dependency, innovation results from study, study stimulates innovation. Unthinkable one thinks only all the day " fuel " human affairs manager can understand the strategy truly, and if ignored the strategy, so the routine work that links oneself also becomes no point, why to talk about professional career program again!

Today's human affairs manager, facing unprecedented challenge, how does that break through that inertial thinking namely. This needs courage and will originally, too indulge to work easily leisurely, work with the hand only, won't use head, intention, perhaps be in all the day " fathom holy meaning " , a thousand years that neglected a company however bully course of study, just think, can such HR have an outlook?

2005, I am willing to help those pay close attention to company business to run more, the person that constituent strategy and government change, hope they can be not only on the post of manpower resource " reside its, seek its politics " , and can " low " do not forget worry " country " , jump out the hedge of manpower resource, the development strategy of scan widely enterprise.

Ceaseless ego updates, the high-ranking handler that had been engaged in or will be engaged in manpower resource working, let us unlock horizon, forget HR this word!